Hose won't connect to outdoor tap!

Discussion in 'Plumbers' Talk' started by Christine Lang, May 23, 2018.

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    Could try a few wraps of ptfe tape on garden tap first, but normally it's not needed, even adding another suitable flat rubber on top of exsisting one in adaptor might work,again you shouldn't have to.:(
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    You've answered my thought process anyway - it's a connector which stops the water flowing when you disconnect whatever device was attached.
  3. I will try and get some tape this afternoon. It just hardly screws on so I don't think another washer would help as it would screw on even less. Husband said the same thing when he tried.
  4. No I don't have one of those.
  5. Looking at your last picture, Christine, it does look as tho' it could be cross-threaded.

    See the 'male' thread on the tap spout - notice how it has a bright end and then it's tarnished like the rest of the tap further up? That, as I'm sure you've sussed, is because the shiny bit was covered by the old brass connector.

    Ok, look at your last photo where you have the new fitting on - it looks as tho' the small area of exposed shiny brass isn't straight - it's sloping. That suggests that the new fitting isn't sitting straight.

    When you hold the new fitting's collar alongside the taps' threaded spout, can you guestimate how far up the threaded spout it should be able to screw on? And when you actually screw it on, how far does it go compared with this?

    Also, when you screw on the new adaptor, how does it 'feel' compared to the old brass fitting? I'm guessing the old collar went on easily, smoothly and then came to a 'sudden' halt as it 'bottomed out'?

    How does the new one compare? Does it start off smoothly but very quickly become sticky before then coming to a grinding halt?
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  6. Yes, agree it looks sloping. I will have another go later and see how it feels going on. From what I remember it does quickly become sticky as you suggested.
  7. DIYDave.

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    Just buy a bluudy new tap, around £8

    You may be able to send back some of the 300 adaptors uv now bought

    So new tap(around £8), Hozelock metal pro connector (£5 at SF), send back all the other junk

    Job done, enjoy the bank holiday weekend and your (working) hose and relax whilst the kids play in their paddling pool :)
  8. I think it's going to come to this!
  9. Can't find any physical shops that sell 3/4" taps!? Have checked Screwfix, Wickes, B&Q and Plumbase websites and they only sell 1/2" taps so looks like I'll have to buy it online.
  10. Tool Station seem to have
    Tool Station seem to have one but only with 1/2" outlet end.
  11. dobbie

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    Fit one of these to the backplate,or get a new suitable backplate.
  12. HarDeBloodyHarHar

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    There is a possibility that your 'plug-on' is shooting water upwards, making it seem as though the adaptor is leaking. or that your tap actually has a crack in it.
  13. Thanks, I will double check tomorrow.
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    Can't be bothered to read pages2-4.
    How come it took 4 pages to come up with the obvious answer?

    BTW, hiring a plumber may not have been much more exoexpens and certainly a lot quicker.

    Dobbie is correct
  15. Hello! It's a year since I posted this and now I am back with another outside tap problem!! In the end I got a plumber to fit my new tap and I was able to start using the hose which was great. That was in Oct but I've recently tried to use it again but now no water is coming out of it! I've taken the tap off and no water is coming out of the pipe at all. I'm guessing that it is the double check valve (from my google research) but I can't locate this anywhere! The pipe itself doesn't go into the house, it goes into the ground. I've checked under the sink and can't see anything that looks like it's going outside. I've checked the pipes in the toilet (the tap is on the wall outside the toilet, not the kitchen sink). There's a few double check valves behind the toilet but I think they are for the downstairs shower in the same room but I've given them all a tap with the hammer anyway. Please let me know if you have any other ideas before I call a plumber out, you were all so helpful last year! All I want to do is to be able to fill up the paddling pool and I still can't do that!!!
  16. HappyHacker

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    Are they check valves or isolation valves. An isolation valve may have been left turned off to stop the valve freezing in winter. They generally have a slot on a small spindle which if in line with the valve means it is open and if across the valve it is shut.
  17. They all look like they are turned on. Neither my husband or I turned anything off over winter. The pipe outside has an insulation cover on it so I thought it would be ok, plus we don't know where the pipe is to control it anyway!
  18. I've had a plumber out and he couldn't locate the isolation valve or outside stopcock. The pipe goes straight down into the ground so you can't tell which way it goes and he's looked everywhere inside and out. They only thing I can think is that next door has been gutted and renovated over the summer, including new radiators so maybe they switch off the supply or capped it off. (It's a Victorian terrace). I already mentioned it to the builder who was in charge of it all and he said their tap was working fine and they hadn't switched anything off. Also can't see a stopcock in their garden either.
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    Is there a small screw/nut under the tap? Undoing that screw will tell you if the first check valve is working and water getting into the tap.

    You could turn all water off, then remove the tap, turn water on just a little and see if you get a flow ... that wil point to the tap or the supply. Just make sure you have some ptfe tape for when you refit.
  20. I e already taken the tap off with the water supply on and there's no water coming out! The plumber did the same today and nothing. He was stumped and suggests fitting a new tap taking the supply from toilet pipes.

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