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Discussion in 'Plumbers' Talk' started by billfromarran, Oct 12, 2018.

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    Heating is by a gas boiler,(old but works well) and water is heated via an indirect coil in the cylinder with a thermostat on the exterior about 2/3 way up from the bottom. I can never seem to get the temperature of the H/W right, it is either far too hot or just warm enough ,it is noticeable when the shower is in use, I have to turn the shower control way down or full up..
    My first thought was the cylinder stat,so I replaced it, but no difference.
    The issue happens in the summer as well when the central heating is off,and the boiler is only in use for hot water supply.
    Obviously when it is too hot I am wasting gas, not good. Any suggestions welcome.
  2. KIAB

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    What boiler?
  3. billfromarran

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    Ideal Mexico 2.
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    billfromarran as long as the cylinder temperature is limited via a cylinder thermostat and no further cylinder heating is happening then its working as best as 40 year old tech will allow.

    the delivered hw temperature will vary during different demands,some hw delivery will be near to scalding for some users and some users will find it more comfortable.The hw temperature will average out,is a secret science stratification :(.

    for more controlled hw flow temperatures and now mandatory in many establishments,hw taps/showers need thermostatic control or instream thermostatic mixing valves.

    billfromarran have you measured the hot water tap flow temperature ?
  5. billfromarran

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    Thanks for the reply.. The shower has a thermostatic mixing valve, but I need to turn it way down sometimes to get a comfortable temp. other times it has to be up full to get temp. It does not seem to matter when I use the shower.
    My feeling is that I am wasting gas to heat the water which is then going to be cooled so that it can be used. It would be better if I could set the cylinder stat just to the right temp.
  6. KIAB

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    New boiler time...:)

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