House renovation questions - Internal doorways / Cellar / Staircase

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    Hi there,

    We're looking at purchasing a house but want to know rough costs for the following renovations that would need doing:

    1. Closing up internal doorway and plastering over
    2. Removing doorway and door frame from another location
    3. putting new doorway into hallway to create new entrance point to bathroom
    4. converting cellar - it looks like the floor has been done and there is also a small window in place, heating and power down there; no smell of damp
    5. loft conversion staircase - the staircase they have at the moment feels like the wrong configuration, how much would it be to change this?
    6. Cost to change windows (to different size so would need some brickwork)
    7. Add a first floor external window to side of property

    Any help is much appreciated, thanks!

  2. Mr Rusty

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    It really is impossible to answer. Some jobs like changing window size are very invasive and you really don't want to think about doing this unless you are stripping the whole house back to bare brick. Also, a fair bit of what you are thinking about comes under building control.

    Having said that I would say that if you want to do a good bit of remodelling on a standard 3 bed house, I would start budgeting around £20K and if you want to strip it out and refurb with new wiring plumbing joinery kitchen etc including some structural perhaps start at £40K.

    Don't get the idea you can do substantial work for a few hundred! If you have no experience of house refurb it's always going to be more than you think. e.g. adding a small new softwood window (e.g. 1200x900)- say 2 day's work to cut out and make good + the window itself + lintel + other materials - it'll be at least £1K + VAT and maybe a bit more
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    Lol :rolleyes: and how long is this piece of string?

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