How bad is this rewire?

Discussion in 'Electricians' Talk' started by Memawheeze, Feb 13, 2021.

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    Did he explain why? A protected spur could have been fitted to that - not perfect but could have been done.
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    Did he give the required 14 day cooling off period required by law?

    If not then he is liable to pay you back the £900 you have paid him.

    See link
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    Nope, only 11
    This is very interesting! When it says 14 days from the date I receive the goods and service, does that mean I'm still within the cooling off period since he hasn't yet finished and has taken the goods I paid for with him? Does that make sense lol
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    That's what I thought the guy from Provider meant, he didn't need to do the rewire just for the spur. He never conducted any tests, just looked in that cupboard and said 'needs a full rewire'.
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    This will still turn out to be civil as he will likely say he took it as part payment. I’ve seen it before.
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    It means from the day the job is agreed

    He HAS to give you cooling off paperwork / email and it HAS to let you know about the cooling off rules and you have to opt out of the cooling off period.

    Like this below


    If you have any complaints about our service, please contact us at the address below:

    [company contact details]

    We will respond to you within 3 working days, enclosing a copy of our full complaints procedure, including how you can access our independent Alternative Dispute Resolution service; should the matter not be resolved in-house.

    Where you cannot cancel the contract

    You cannot cancel this contract where the value of the contract is not more than £42.

    You do not have the right to cancel this contract if we are carrying out emergency works that you have explicitly asked us to carry out. In relation to any additional work that we carry out, that is not classed as emergency work, you will still have the right to cancel those elements of the work; in accordance with your cancellation rights set out below.

    Right to cancel

    You have the right to cancel this contract within 14 days, without giving any reason. The cancellation period will expire after 14 days from the day of the conclusion of the contract.

    To exercise the right to cancel, you must inform us of your decision to cancel this contract by a clear statement (Eg. A letter sent by post fax or email, details below). You may use the attached model cancellation form, but it is not obligatory.

    To meet the cancellation deadline, it is sufficient for you to send your wish to cancel the contract before the end of the cancellation period.

    Contact details:

    [contact details]

    Effects of cancellation

    If you cancel this contract, we will reimburse to you all payments received from you, including the costs of delivery (Where applicable). We will make the reimbursement without undue delay, and not later than 14 days after the day on which we are informed about your decision to cancel this contract.

    We will make the reimbursement using the same means of payment as you used for the initial transaction, unless you have expressly agreed otherwise; in any event, you will not incur any fees as a result of the reimbursement.

    If you wish to cancel this contract you may use the Cancellation Form provided below. If you requested to begin the performance of services during the cancellation period, you shall pay to us an amount which is in proportion to any work that has been performed up until the point you have communicated to us your cancellation of this contract, in comparison with the full coverage of the contract.

    Cancellation Form

    [company contact details]

    I/We hereby give notice that I/We cancel my/our contract for the supply of the following service:

    Ordered on:

    Name of consumer(s):

    Address of consumer(s):

    Signature of consumer(s) (Only if this form is notified on paper):



    Notice to start work within cooling off period:

    Please note and sign the following only if you wish to have the work start within the fourteen-day cooling off period (reply via call or email is acceptable)

    I/We agree that Electrical may commence work on (date ) , before my cancellation period has expired.

    I understand that if I decide to cancel within fourteen days, I may be asked to pay for any work that has been carried out prior to my cancellation.

    Confirmation reply via email is acceptable

    Signed………………………………………………………….. Date………………


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    In other words - if he has not done this he has no contract (even if things were agreed)

    He could be taken to court and would have to repay the monies given.
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    Please let us know how you get on

    Many people come for help and disappear in the the ether it is nice when people keep us updated
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    I should hear back from NICEIC this week and I'm going to try and get hold of a solicitor for some legal advice. Can't believe trading standards didn't tell me about the cooling off period when I called! You've given me hope I can get out of this situation he's put me in, I will update when I know more, thanks again.
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    Blimey, looks a right mess.
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    Just bumping this thread to see of you had any updates
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    Hey, just off the phone to NICEIC and they are saying they can't do anything as the job is not finished. They say it's contractual. I've got an electrician coming this week to do a full check on the work the original one carried out. So I'll see what position that out me in.
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    You were wrong then and this time Currys were right. A 2.99kW oven is 13 amps. 13 amps won't overload one side of a ring, you require over 27 amps to do that, and it has to be very near one end. There is no reg saying items over 2kW should be on their own circuit. Ever seen kettles on their own circuit?
  17. jonathanc

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    then the way to deal with this is for a new sparks to provide a report to you to enable you to recover costs from the first contractor. ultimately you need to pursue the contractual issues via a legal path - small claims court if necessary
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    Item (iii) on attached. Not a reg as such, but ..... 20210223_120009.jpg
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    But as I said a 2kW load (13amps) will not exceed the current carrying capacity of the cable. In practice the oven will only take 13 amps for a very short period anyway before the thermostat starts cycling.
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    Short period of time - RUBBISH. I would even consider use of an oven to be an extended period of time. A reasonable oven which could be set to 270-300 C might take 40 minutes in the initial heating period to reach that temperature. That is a significant time, add in maybe a toaster and kettle during that and you will soon start to see an over load.

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