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  1. peter palmer

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    Been to look at a job today on a potential doss house for this firm we do work for, unsurprisingly the electrics are totally goosed, the building is practically falling down with holes in the roof and years of hatchet jobs to the electrics. The electrics look like the typical mess that tight **** landlords do over the years, basically it needs a full re-wire but I knew that before I even stepped through the door.

    Problem is the owner has said to our builder "I don't wan't to be told it needs a re-wire" So if we tell him it needs a re-wire then we won't get the job, even though it desperately does. What I can guarantee is it will end up costing them more if they get someone else in to bodge it because once they get stuck into it they will hammer them for the extras they keep uncovering.

    So how would you play it, at the moment they want the lights upgrading to LED and an EICR doing on each unit. My partner says just do what they want but the EICR's are going to condemn the place and by the time they are read them the place will have been decorated and carpeted. I think its madness to fit a load of lighting to something that obviously needs re-wiring and I hate doing more work than I have to, why do something awkward when you can do it the easy way.

    So I was going to fill in a visual EICR from what I've seen today but there are so many things I don't know where to start, you name it the fault will be on this building, so how do you word the report to suggest it needs a re-wire without telling them it actually needs one.

    If we tell them it needs a re-wire we will get called ***** and not get any work, if we do as they say we will get the job and make probably more than the original re-wire but it will be hard work and we will still get called ***** but at least we get some dosh out of it.
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    just say circuits need upgrading another word for re wire without saying it and hope you get the work.
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    132.16- REG
    To be specific Reg 132.16 (wiring regulations) states :

    No addition or alteration, temporary or permanent, shall be made to an existing installation, unless it has been ascertained that the rating and the condition of any existing equipment, including that of the distributor, will be adequate for the altered circumstances. Furthermore, the earthing and bonding arrangements, if necessary for the protective measure applied for the safety of the addition or alteration, shall be adequate.

    Essentially of the bonding is not in place and the supply is not adequate then you cannot do any work.

    See more detail here- I had a bad review from a client but used her review on my site, I got a bit of work from it, with more than one client telling me that convinced them to use me as they knew I had pride in my work.

    I would suggest an EICR and make it detailed then you have a starting point.
    If they get someone else in then afterwards then it's not your problem.
    In other words - do it right or walk away.

    Also- if you do an EICR, take lots of photos and make sure it it detailed correctly then if something untoward were to happen you are covered, if you were to work in a poor install then your reputation falls.
  4. peter palmer

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    That's my view but its obvious this firm don't care one bit if anyone gets killed by dodgy electrics, all they care about is being able to produce a bit of paper that pins the blame squarely on someone else if it happens. And there is always someone out there that is willing to cut corners and sign that form if the price is right. I'd quite like to get the job too, its down on the coast, the weathers nice at the moment and we can go on the lash whilst we are down there.
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    If your life revolves around drinking it's no wonder your bp is so high.

    edit - got job you don't smoke right?
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    Its not a sin to have a drink whilst working away you know, you're not the one who eats his sandwiches alone in the van while everyone else is having a laugh at lunch are you?
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    Col's not a tradesman.
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    Yes. I'm an annoying judgemental middle class professional who occasionally dabbles in electrics.
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    Your words...
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    Don't ***** foot around the client, if its that bad them hammer the **** out of it on the EICR make them realise just how bad it is. if they want to get someone in that's willing to bodge it again that's up to them. Your obligation is to give an assessment of the installation and not tell the client what they want to hear.
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