How do I change Washer/O-Ring on Dripping Mixer Tap

Discussion in 'Plumbers' Talk' started by wingit, Dec 12, 2013.

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    I have a mixer tap that is not dripping from the outlet but from the "gland" where the swivel arm that controls the flow rate enters the main tap body .. see photo. So, the drip is where the horizontal bar below the red ring enters the valve body. How would I progress to get at the O-Ring (?) that's presumably worn inside. There is small screw fitting like the one on the main valve body under the horizontal bar.
    ..... thanks.
  2. Dave does Gas

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    Not my favourite job that type of tap, Its probably the cartridge style and can be a nightmare to find a matching cartridge unless you know the maker and style of tap. If it were me personally Id just replace the whole unit.
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    Looking at it, it may be the vertical leaver, unscrews, then the Allen screw under is undone, then the cap removed,.. But.. Like Dave says it may me a problem getting the spare!
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    Wingit, do you know the make and model of your tap? If not, then you may well be best off doing as suggested above - go new tap. Being worktop-mounted, I bet access to the fixings underneath is pretty easy?

    Anyways, should you wish to pursue this, you unscrew and remove the tap handle, and then remove the grub screw under the bar you mentioned - this should hopefully now pull straight off. You then have the main chrome collar to unscrew, and this may be tight.

    Underneath you'll likely find a brass nut which is part of the cartridge - you replace the whole thing.

    It's unscrewed anti-clockwise as usual, but is likely to be tight. You ideally need a good-fitting ring spanner, and hold the tap body firmly with your other hand.

    Once unscrewed (I trust you've turned the water off...) you'll be able to take some measurements from it. This info should include how many splines the cartridge spindle has.

    You could simply take this to a plumber's merchants to compare, but avoid Plumb Centre 'cos they can't spell properly, and also charge stupid money for these bits. You might - just using the basic measurements - be able to source one (a pair) on-line, saving you a lot.

    However, it's going to cost you at least a tenner, and possibly as much as £20+. And a lot of hassle. And the other side will likely need doing as well, so more hassle.

    So think carefully whether it's not worth going 'new tap'. And it'll - cough - save you having to clean your existing one...
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  6. wingit

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    This is nearly a year ago so I don't suppose any of you will read this .. but .. I took the cartridge to a local plumber's merchants .. they had one with a different spline but the tap arm fitted with a little help .. all is well and £7 was certainly cheaper than the £50 - 70 I would have paid for a new tap.

    Thanks everyone!
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  8. wingit

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    Sorry forgot to say I've only just done the repair so we've been living with a wet work surface for the past 11months. Good job I don't do this for a living!

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