How do I do a stud wall when the electric are outside of wall.

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    I need to do a stud wall for soundproofing.

    My electrics are outside of the wall.

    Would I put the first stud above the electric or the side.

    Do I need to count 600mm from the wall if I do the stud on the side.


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    Would be putting the studs at 400 or 16" centres depending on size of boards used. You can then fit noggins for metal ko boxes the sockets to be flush. the cable can be run through in a horizontal line from socket to socket.
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    Dry lining/fast fix boxes are a last resort and a get out of trouble option. With an open stud wall noggins and metal ko boxes are the best job, fast fix are a lazy can't be bothered option.
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    Plus one from me!

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