How do I make my doors look antique Victoria style?

Discussion in 'Getting Started FAQ' started by RichardT, Oct 13, 2021.

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    I’m buying cheap doors in B&Q (see image) and want to make them look like old Victorian doors (see image). What’s best to use? Oil, Wax, stain? Any good products?
    464F4C31-31AF-4782-8D38-FC06753AB90C.jpeg 57F867A1-484B-4A0D-AB46-6FFB697B65AB.jpeg
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    The main reasons why old pine looks the way it does, are that;

    a) it's old, and it darkens over time, and ...
    b) it's invariably been dipped a in bath of boiling caustic soda (stripped doors) which darkens it and bleaches out the timber's tannins.

    So - tried and trusted method based on 40 years experience;

    1 Apply Finney's waterbased penetrating 'Stripped Old Pine' wood stain;'s_Professional_Water_Stains_-_Traditional_Shades

    2 Apply Briwax - Medium Brown. Loads of suppliers on Ebay.

    3 Buff using a soft cloth. Result = 100-year-old doors.

    FYI - I'm a professional joiner who does this an awful lot. Attached are a few snapshots of a set of alcove bookcases (1876 schoolhouse in Warwickshire) plus a heritage Edwardian narrowboat (Trent Lock, Derbyshire) fit-out I did recently. Both done using the above method to show you how brand-new whitewood reacts to this treatment. Hope this helps.

    IMG_1450.jpg IMG_1451.jpg IMG_3375.jpg IMG_3377.jpg IMG_3630.JPG
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    He saw the reply on Saturday at 10.49pm, but couldn't spare three seconds of precious time to write the word 'thanks'.

    Just one of dozens I could have picked out over the last month or so.

    So many entitled, ignorant people on here :(
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    As a rough rule of thumb, if a new members very first post doesn't include "Hello/hi", "Please" "Cheers/thanks in advance", "regards", or any other basic manners then it's a good bet that they won't waste more of their time than they have to by replying with simple gratitude. You get wise to it and eventually cherrypick the ones you feel will actually appreciate, listen and use your advice accordingly. I'm glad it's not just me that it niggles.
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    I know mate. I also can't help noticing that it's the same small group of people who constantly provide replies containing good advice and solid help - you, Willy, Wayners, kitfit1, CGN, Adamfya, Bazzaspark and a few others.

    It also stuns me just how many people write a post, then never come back to read the replies which others have often taken a lot of time and trouble to write. Utterly pointless. Hey ho.
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    Being fair, perhaps some don't bother to log in to read the replies so it doesn't show that they've read them, but then that's just as rude as not bothering to say a quick cheers guys or whatever. It used to be a good craic on here with loads of really good knowledgeable blokes and the banter to match, but the last couple of years it's sadly gone downhill due to a number of reasons. Still, for every ten ignorant ninnyheads there's one genuinely grateful recipient, poor odds but still worth doing.
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    Your frustration with the OP aside many thanks for the answer. I’ll be giving that a try. Lovely finish.
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    You're most welcome.

    See? How easy was that? :)
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    I think sometimes they get embarrassed at the answer they get so choose to ignore it. I never check if my post has been read.

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