How do I treat woodworm?

Discussion in 'Carpenters' Talk' started by Sean, Apr 22, 2005.

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    It's interesting -Mw

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    After gorging themselves on the inside of timber for many months (causing serious damage), the fully-grown woodworm is now a beetle and gnaws its way to the surface, leaving behind the classic small hole as it emerges that signifies a woodworm infestation. The beetles then mate and the females lay eggs just underneath the surface of the wood, starting off a new cycle of damage.

    found here
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    Are the woodworm active/live? I bought house some years ago and found woodworm holes, called in people to do it and was told woodworm was long gone.
    Basically check the little holes is they looks clean and shiny then you have a problem if holes are (old) same colour as wood surface then they may have been treated and gone.
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    I could be very wrong but I thought the holes were them leaving.
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    Yip that's what I was told, hence if the holes are grey and dirty they left a long time ago.
    I was also told that woodworm treatment only kills the ones that leave as does not penetrate deep into the wood.
    Basically I think woodworm is beetle larvae that mature into the wood, then when they leave they are beetles and will lay eggs to infest again.
    There must be a expert on this forum that know more about them than me I am sure.
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    Not talking as an expert but the beetles that emerge have to leave to mate...
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