How do you advertise your business?

Discussion in 'Painters' Talk' started by ck man, Apr 12, 2004.

  1. ck man

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    Hello everyone

    Last week i received a letter from an online advertising company called asking me if i would like advertise my business with them,it sounds very good and i have all ready replied. I was wondering how other tradesmen advertise their business? i have tried yellow pages online before but never got many responses, i think it was because there is too many tradesmen for each area.
    Comments welcomed, thanks ck man
  2. jorazz

    jorazz New Member

    I dont know how u would advertise,word of mouth is the best.are u in the painting and decorating business.i am planning on starting myself but am a little stuck on what to charge.have u any ideas
  3. dectip

    dectip New Member

    it depends on what size of job you are prepared to do,if you are looking to do domestic work such as houses and small offices then a small ad in the local paper would do the trick, even a card on the board at local shops or supermarket or diy store.the trick is to advertise what skills you are offering such as paperhanging or exterior painting so that the customer has some idea of your abilities before they contact you.
    As for pricing,then that has to be competitive with other tradesmen,a good guide is to try and work out how long you think it will take you to do a job then couple that with degree of skills required then an hourly rate can be worked out to suit you and the customer,keep your prices fair no matter who the customer is and you will always get work.
    good luck.from Dectip.

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