How do you become a fitter for a major retailer

Discussion in 'Kitchen Fitters' Talk' started by orangeST, Aug 20, 2006.

  1. orangeST

    orangeST New Member

    Hi I have been fitting kitchens for 5 years for my current employer and i am sick of all the **** and politics involved in the company Im in (im part of a major refurb squad and there loads a trades in n top of each other)and just want a change so i can get on with my work. I have contacted a few ads i have seen in papers etc but its the usual they rarly get back to you anyone got tips on how to get in with one of the retailers as a fitter as i know im good at my job but just havent had a chance to move yet. Better still anyone know of a company or someone looking for a fitter in the Glasgow area? thanx for any response
  2. Magnet or MFI even B&Q are always on the look for fitters, go pay 'em a visit.

    Not for me but might suite you
  3. orangeST

    orangeST New Member

    Just go into one a there branches or am i better to e-mail them or phone ? should i make up a cv?
  4. STGO

    STGO New Member

    dont e-mail letter or phone.
    go in person to the store and talk to the kitchen design manager face to face.
    dont offer silly start offs like, if you aint happy dont pay me, and such.
    good luck mate, i know what its like to work under "clicky" conditions, go for it, before you know it, you will employ an apprentice. if you can find a willing bugger that is!
  5. orangeST

    orangeST New Member

    cheers mate I really want to get away from that lot its a total joke. I will go try and post back if I get anything cheers. any other advice is welcome.

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