how do you calculate flow rate?

Discussion in 'Plumbers' Talk' started by 40w bulb, Feb 11, 2010.

  1. 40w bulb

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    Hi guys, I'm filling in an application for a new water supply for a neighbour who is in the process of developing her ground floor into a shop which she intends to rent out. On the form it asks for;
    max flow rate
    mean flow rate
    min flow rate
    peak duration
    process duration
    They want these stats for both the house and the shop, but we dont know how to work this out! Cant get hold of my plumber and United Utilities wont help
  2. Home Farm

    Home Farm New Member

    Not so much a calculation as a best guess.

    I suggest
    Maximum 1,000 litres per hour, depending on how much water the shop uses. Assumes no external usage.
    Mean flow rate - you need to estimate this depending on the type of shop or guess at 100 litres per hour.
    Minimum - probably zero flow
    Peak and process will depend on shop usage. Ask the owner.

    These are a guess based on a small florist with upstairs flat that we own. If the supply is 1" (25mm) or less they should be in the ball park.
  3. 40w bulb

    40w bulb New Member

    Brill, thanks for that!

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