How do you calculate hourly/annual gas load for new house?

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    I am applying for a new gas supply to SGN connections for a house I am about to build in Oxford and am stumped by the following:
    I need to provide 1. hourly (kWh) and 2. Annual (kWh) gas load for the property. SGN connections suggest that a CORGI registered engineer can assist in these calculations.
    It is a 4 bedroom timber framed house, I propose to use gas for cooking and heating. I have had a quote for complete underfloor heating from nuHeat, they estimate the required boiler capacity for the underfloor heating system and domestic hot water is 17.4kW. I would guess (not that I am an expert) there is some sort of a formula to use.

    Thanks in advance

    I am going to get a time serverd plumber to install the new boiler and heating system, I AM not going to do it all myself as I'm no expert
  2. The obvious answer is to ask your proposed boiler installer.

    Why not just put 30 kW in the hourly box and 15,000 kW in the yearly box ???

    That will ensure you can change to a combi if necessary.

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    British Gas have a marvellous system for gas useage they estimate your bill to be equivalent to running half a dozen gas furnaces in your house and when you protest never answer any calls or letters.
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    and also if you forget to pay they send very snotty letters threatening to cut you off, credit blacklist you and charge you a few hundred to reconnect

    Thanks Tony for info

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