How do you reckon the former Great Britain is now viewed by the world?

Discussion in 'Just Talk' started by Deleted member 33931, May 15, 2018.

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    Yeah, made me chuckle too. ;)
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  2. Surely more like Lennon?

    Oops - just read the common links betwixt them... :(
  3. facilities

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    Yes must admit it was Filly that alerted us to the Harry & Meg connection, didn’t even notice that on the night, so all the names must have Harry or Meg in them :confused:
  4. "Five years".

    Wow! That's historical. That amused me the first time I heard it. I was around 11 years old.

    BREAKING NEWS..... Tell us, Longsie, that the UK's economy hasn't been significantly damaged by just this vote. That's all you have to do - if you believe it. Can you manage to say what JJ et al have failed to?

    Nothing to see here really, we just thought we'd let you know that at some point in the not to distant past it was worse than it is now. The UK is being dragged along on the coat-tails of the rest of the world - and these are very long coat-tails. Google is your enemy - try it.

    However, the lowest level of unemployment, the likes of which haven't been seen in over fourty years...
    Now there's something to shout about. And yet all you shout about is the immigrants.

    Unless, that is, that you're a remainer and it kind of narks you. Only ignorance narks me. Oh, and bigotry. Lies ain't too good either. Quite a few things on here, then.
  5. Isitreally

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  6. Heat

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    We have to now all work together for a better future. We need a no nonsense approach to problem solving and make this country less tolerant to anything that slows progress and wastes money. We need the liberal lefties types to be challenged for allowing and promoting advantages to those in society who take advantage.
    If this EU vote had went the way of remain, then those that voted for brexit would have been told to pee off and accept democracy.
    So let us all finally unite, rather than be like Westminster and the EU, - full of words and little action or common sense.
  7. No we don't, Heat.

    I'm going to work to stop it. I'm going to do my wee bit to highlight the ignorance and bigotry that led to this idiotic decision. I will expose the delusion and blatant lying that's still being carried out by many of the Leave supporters as they cannot face the reality of the damage to their fragile egos; they will not face up to their mistakes.

    Common sense would have made them sit up and realise it was an error, but sadly, tragically, it is more important for them to be allowed to express their bigotry than it is to safeguard our country.

    Support bigotry and ignorance? You have got to be kidding.
  8. Heat

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    No, I meant support each other, our economy and our human rights, etc.
    There has always been too many people fighting against government, but achieving little or nothing. Time wasted that could be used to do something more constructive.
    We are probably the most talkitive, argumentitive nation, especially in politics. While that is better than have no freedom of speech, it is largely pointless.
    And certainly no point in fighting against Brexit, because some form of Brexit is going to happen without doubt.
    I predict the EU will become more excepting of the final outcome and work with us as friends and partners, albeit with us as neighbours, not family
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  9. joinerjohn1

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    I voted for Britain to become a country again, instead of some federal state of the EU, ruled over by faceless, unaccountable, bureaucrats in Brussels.
    Of course, you’re free to re-locate within the EU , assuming you truly want to be ruled by these bureaucrats and don’t want to leave the EU. Up to now, there’s not been a lot of takers though. The only people leaving the U.K. for foreign shores these days, seem to be very rich business men wanting to pay less tax. These people don’t move to an EU state though ( but then seem to moan about our decision to leave it)
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    Sorry Heat, I can’t see the EU becoming more accepting at all. Even this week they have said once we leave, they’ll only give us limited access to the new European GPS satellite/ communications system ( because only EU members can have full access) Even though a lot of the systems and hardware were British designed and made. The EU leadership, is a bit like some sort of sore loser. I’m convinced if they were playing football in a school playground, they’d take their jumpers for goalposts away so we couldn’t play. Utterly childish, they are.
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  11. Heat

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    Let’s hope it all improves with relations. Even our enemies become our friends. Except Hitler :)
  12. Isitreally

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    DAs been banned again, what's he like. :rolleyes:
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  13. Heat

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    I was beginning to like him.
    I genuinely hope DA is allowed back on here to keep us informed on how the remainers/remoaners feel.
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  14. joinerjohn1

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    Nah , if DA does come back on, he’ll tell you how he feels about Brexit. He can’t tell you how others feel, ( he does like to tell us Brexiteers we’re knuckle dragging, racist, thick, uneducated oafs though)
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    Sorry Heat, I've had to report you to Admin for that post, see you in a weeks time.;)
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  16. Isitreally

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    I've never disliked him, he has an opinion that he believes in and sticks to it, that's very commendable.

    Yes, he's called me various names over the last few months, but hey I'm big and ugly enough to dismiss that, sticks & stones etc.

    May his ban be temporary as we all need a DA in our lives, it takes away from the boring mundane stuff. :D:D:D
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    He's a goner, kaput.
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  18. joinerjohn1

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    DA just couldn’t let it lie though. The massive chip on his shoulder was his biggest failing. ( that and his I’m better than you attitude ) I wish him well for the future.
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    I agree every site needs a DA

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