How do you reckon the former Great Britain is now viewed by the world?

Discussion in 'Just Talk' started by Deleted member 33931, May 15, 2018.

  1. Isitreally

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    Everybody getting upset that trumps done a EU and imposed tariffs. :p:p:p:p

    You couldn't make it up. :rolleyes::rolleyes:
  2. facilities

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    JJ can you honestly see DA leaving quietly, I reckon his leaving post would in length compare to War and Peice, no he’s bin shoved (banned) and may reappear on Saturday or Sunday, unless of coarse he is using multiple identities, but I reckon anyone would be able to recognise one of his rants no matter what username is used
  3. Heat

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    I wasn't saying the Irish Republic isn't in the EU.
    And they are supposedly an independent country.
    The Irish economy had to be bailed out in the not too distant past by the UK.
    Surprised you don't know that.
    I will check, as not sure of details.
  4. btiw2

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    I assume you’re referring to the act just after the financial crisis. So 2009? Around then anyway. It seems so long ago, yet we’re still feeling the aftershocks.

    The loans to Ireland act (?). I think it enabled the U.K. to lend Ireland money directly.

    Was is a “bail out”? I guess so. But it was in our interests to not let the world fall apart too.

    I believe Ireland did borrow money from the U.K. and EU. It seems to have worked as they’re paying it back.

    Was this diversion going somewhere?

    The question of how we’re viewed can be answered by reading foreign newspapers, online obviously, I assume none of us have home delivery of Le Monde or Der Spiegel.
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  5. btiw2

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    Just looked. I don’t know what I expected, but it turns out they’re not obsessed with Brexit. Perhaps I should start reading ***** newspapers more often.

    Q.What do Europeans think of us?
    A. They don’t.
  6. Isitreally

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    They're to busy worring whats going on over there to be bothered by whats going on over here.

    Same as always then.
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  7. btiw2

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    Mainly interested in the US.

    There was one German story that made me chuckle.

    “Nobody likes us (the hun), but why?”

    If Fritz really wanted to know they should have asked here. They’d have a list.
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  8. Isitreally

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    Why I have no idea what you could possibly mean. :):)
  9. Lanc

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    What does "supposedly an independent country" mean?? Surely it's binary, it is or it isn't!

    You also say, "So the EU wasn’t a secure future for the Irish." The Irish Republic seems pretty secure and prosperous, in the EU - to me anyway, and are able to stand up to the UK over Brexit and Irish border problems.

    If the EU, or the UK did bail them out and they are now repaying the cash, what's the problem?

    I'm told they even have a veto in the EU parliament!! Wonder if jj is still frantically searching for when the UK ever used their's to illustrate how the EU makes rules that we objected to?
  10. longboat

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    That kind of sums up the question of the OP.
    And the one who posted it.

    As, Eleanor Roosevelt, said;
    "You wouldn't worry so much about what others think of you, if you realized how seldom they do".

    Has 'someone' realized that they are not the centre of everyone else's universe, and thrown a wobbly?

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  11. btiw2

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    I didn’t notice until you quoted me, but it appears that a common epithet for the German people (5 letters beginning with K - is this a game? SF hangman?) has entered the swear list.

    Sorry about that Pete, I didn’t realise the language of Churchill was so risqué.

    Not to worry though, I have other words.

    How do you feel about squarehead?

    I suppose there’s always Bosch. KIAB will find it difficult to advise people on powertools if you ban that one.
  12. longboat

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    You may be better informed as to the 'real' reasons, I dunno.
    Perhaps you're right?

    I could understand it whole heartedly if that were the case for a mere mortal, but there's a legacy at stake here.
    And, as you say "loads of other words to use".

    JJ?, what 'other' forum is he on?
    The possibilities are endless.
  13. btiw2

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    Stormfront? Or mumsnet?

    (Low blow against someone not here to defend themselves?).
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  14. Heat

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    You asked the question, - was Ireland an independent country, and my reply was they are supposedly an independent country. Independent, but only so far as the EU allows them (same could be said about UK) and also they are greatly supported by the UK, in many respects.

    My comment about "the EU wasn't a secure future for the Irish" - was to point out that being in the EU clearly didn't stop Ireland from going from prosperity down to broke. True, the EU and the UK did heavily bail them out, thankfully successfully and they are repaying it. But it can happen again.

    The Irish Republic you say seems pretty secure and prosperous, (in the EU), - Prosperous? Really? I guess they can afford the mortgage repayments, so to speak, if that is what you mean by prosperous, and I wish them well.
    Secure? Let us hope they keep improving in the EU, but there has to be a limit on what the EU can do for any member country that needs a bail out, particularily once the UK leaves.

    As to the comment about the Irish Republic being able to stand up to the UK over Brexit and Irish border problems, - if you mean Irish politicians repeatedly talking to anyone about no to hard borders, a threat to peace, etc, then trust me, this is a game being played by them, with no truth in it, and frankly not a friendly, helpful or honest response from our EU partner. But it is no surprise to me and I hope our UK government will eventually stand up against negative outsiders, often making mischief.
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  15. Isitreally

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    what 'other' forum is he on?

    North Devon anti Brexit League. He's very popular on there.

    North Devon dog walking club, though after recent events he's not so popular on there.

    And of course the one and only, Masonry Paint for ever thing club, incorporating Stik Alls many usages club, this one I beleive he's the founder off.
  16. joinerjohn1

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    Private message me within the SF forum Longs, ( might take some time to answer though, I’ve just finished night shift ) ;);)
  17. Lanc

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    There's little left to say if you really believe that, I'm afraid.

    My own prediction is the problems will be solved by a united Ireland and Scotland getting it's independence so that we English can be truly standing alone against the world - and be "ruled" ( to use jj's words) by Trump instead of the EU!! :rolleyes::rolleyes:
  18. Heat

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    Why have you little to say about my comment about Republic of Ireland’s main politicians playing games and making hostile comments? It is not a “belief”, but factual.
    Perhaps you haven’t been following what the Irish have been saying? Or have you some Irish link perhaps?

    Not sure what Scotland will eventually decide, but I hope they stay in UK. The United Ireland isn’t happening as nothing is United thanks to failed and continued hostilities and Ireland couldn’t afford it anyhow. With the attitude adopted there, I would be surprised any British person will accept a decline in rights. Always strikes me as funny and narrow thinking the use of the word United when referring to Ireland.
  19. Lanc

    Lanc Active Member

    Could you maybe be a little more specific about the "games" you say RoI politicians are playing. Who are they 'playing' with?
    What "hostile" comments from RoI politicians you referring to, and "hostile" to who?

    I believe Scots will vote to end the Treaty of Union, because the old thing about us forever telling them that England subsidises them is being shown to be the rubbish it always was ( read the long-hidden McCrone report!!) They will become a very wealthy nation, and Scots are now realising this.
  20. Heat

    Heat Screwfix Select

    You must have missed all the comments made by the top people and beyond in the Irish government. And that includes their Taoiseach. Perhaps some of it will not have been in the news in all parts of UK. but not all of it.
    I will look up some of their rhetoric when I get time and send it to you.
    Though they weren’t the only people in the EU doing similar.
    They are playing with the EU against us. The hostility is towards us. (Thought that was all very obvious?)
    Don’t get me wrong, - any EU country is entitled to voice concern and try to work with the Brexit solution, especially that they have a land border. And they will of course have their own country’s interests, but that is fair enough.
    But it should be honest.
    I will swing their argument right back on them, by saying that their manoeuvring is actually helping to add tension and division and a genuine threat to peace.
    Like I earlier said, - United? Miles away. :p

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