How do you reckon the former Great Britain is now viewed by the world?

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  1. Now tell us the benefits from immigration to housing, the NHS and our pensions and I'll believe you.

    Give us a balanced summation - the pros and cons of immigration to the UK.

    Google is your friend. As long as you don't filter it...
  2. joinerjohn1

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    I shall leave the balancing side of things to your good self DA, ( just as long as you don’t filter it either )
  3. joinerjohn1

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    If there’s not enough housing in the U.K., to house the people already here, then why would you allow more people in ? DA, are you sure you didn’t teach at the Diane Abbott School of Mathematics ?
  4. btiw2

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    I always find this a bizarre argument. Almost like you wanted to avoid the obvious answer.

    There’s not enough housing?
    If only there were some way of making more houses.... I wonder whether anybody on the SF forum knows whether that’s possible.

    There’s not enough food? Don’t bother nipping to the shops luv, just get rid of a kid.

    Here’s Britain from space.


    It’s not exactly megacity one yet. I’m sure we can find some space for a few more houses.

    But that’s not the real objection. If we built more houses then house prices might fall. Tory voters wouldn’t like that. We deliberately put in place policies to cause the problem you identify - and then what? Blame the immigrants? That makes no sense.

    Yes. We need more houses. Not less labour.

    But it appears the convention is now to end posts with snide remarks. Sigh. Okay. Here you go.
    Are you sure you didn’t teach economics at the Donald Trump university.
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  5. DIY womble

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    Dianne and Donald university ?
  6. joinerjohn1

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    Hang on a darn moment,,, I’ll admit the Tories introduced the sale of council houses to tenants at knock down prices,,,, they did not introduce a policy to stop the building of new houses though ( social housing maybe, but most certainly not private housing) Am I to take it, you think all immigrants should be offered social housing,therefore Tory policy was to take this route away from them? As far as I’m aware, it wasn’t the Conservative party who opened the floodgates we saw in the 90’s. We all know it was Labours open door social experiment that did that. They even let Gordon sell off the U.K. gold when it was at an all time low, but failed to invest in social housing. Now you blame the Tories ? Christ almighty !!!
  7. joinerjohn1

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    One things for certain, had Gordon studied there, he’d have sold some of our gold reserves and made the country a nice profit. ;);)
  8. btiw2

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    Firstly: Wow. That picture of Britain is big when it's not on a phone isn't it? I thought I'd ended up on google maps.

    Much of planning was moved into local hands. That's why I said Tory voters.

    From memory, I think both the Conservative and Labour party supported building more affordable housing in their manifestos (although I suspect Labour wanted more than the conservatives).
    IMO The problem is when it gets to local levels of planning.

    I have no idea what gold has to do with this. I'm happy to discuss fair commodity pricing (you'd like it - it blames Tony Blair), but this doesn't seem relevant to this thread. Is that what DA and Chippie call a "swerve"?

    Do I think all immigrants should be offered social housing? I don't think I said that. I rarely think any policy applies to "all" of any group, so probably not.

    But the point stands. The solution to not enough houses is... (drum roll)... more houses.

    This seems typical of this sort of discussion.
    I don't believe that you have a problem with immigrants per se. It's resource allocation that you have a problem with.
    But shouldn't we look at the actual problem and not get diverted into blaming immigrants? I'm fairly sure immigrants didn't design the UK housing policy.
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    Forgive me, when you mentioned “ we introduced policies,” then go on to say Tories wouldn’t like lower house prices, I could only think of the Tory introduced policy of selling social housing to tenants, then stopping councils from spending the money raised on new social housing. From there, it’s not a big leap to then imagine you thinking immigrants should be offered social housing.

    My original statement about allowing the levels of immigration seen in the 90’s still stands though. Labour gave no thought as to where or how, these masses were going to be housed. ( and you just can’t blame the Tories for that big social, multicultural , failed experiment. )
  10. joinerjohn1

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    Anyway, fear not, DA will be along shortly, to put the country to rights with his view on housing in the U.K. ( just as long as their painted with masonry paint)
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  11. koolpc

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    Its thought of as an 'easy' country. A 'soft' country. Somewhere where you can get money thrown at you by the government.

    Its not 'Great' Britain anymore.
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  12. joinerjohn1

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    Yep, I can bearly afford 3 or 4 foreign holidays a year now on my NHS wage. ;););)
  13. Lanc

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    Presumably you are aware of the terminology 'Great' in this instance?
    It being a purely geographical statement of these islands .
    Lots of people confuse the terms Great Britain, Britain, and United Kingdom and often use them incorrectly - but "great", as in the 'bestest' sense was never part of it!!
  14. joinerjohn1, post: 1605205, member: 38447"]

    "DA, just going by your inane rantings on here since your side lost the referendum I don't do 'inane', JJ, so behave yourself, you can hardly be called “ patriotic.” If you'd only bother to look up the meanings of the two words I mentioned, you'll find that it fits perfectly - both of us respectively

    In the near past, you have ranted that everyone and their dogs are racist thugs no I didn't, behave yourself, when all we have pointed out are a few facts Facts? Without evidence? Just 'cos you said so? Nah.

    We point out the housing crisis. You tell us this was all due to the councils selling off their stock no I didn't. It also has to do with not replacing them, and not freeing up unused homes that sit empty, and not building enough new houses in general and stuff. You fail to take into account that inviting millions of immigrants here has any bearing on housing of course that'll have some effect, just not the significant issue you'd like to portray. We simply mention this and suddenly we’re all rabid, foaming at the mouth members of the NF or the EDL no, you were that before you said anything (c'mon - I'm allowed one trite remark, surely?). Mention our NHS and again you completely blame an ageing population and lots of other stuff like lack of funding - just the basics, you understand..., quickly forgetting that adding millions of immigrants all using this service too, brings pressure to bear of course it does, but not to the significant extent you like to portray.

    How about some numbers to back up your claims, JJ? A few numbers? From credible sources?

    Sadly DA, I’m a realist No you aren't - realism and facts and evidence have little bearing on the content of most of your posts I have realised that as a “net contributor “ to EU coffers, we’re never going to get more out than we pay in Yes, as one of the ex-wealthiest countries we do - and should - contribute more to the 'coffers' in order to help the less well off countries and build them up so that they, too, can ultimately be as fortunate and wealthy as us as well as having our wonderful ex-values. This will, without question, increase our wealth even further as our trade with them increases - it's a win-win, baby - as well as help continue the Long Peace we are enjoying, which some jingoists are happy to toy with to satisfy their little beastie urges. Although we do contribute more to the EU than most (it's roughly in relation to our wealth - weird, huh?), you very slyly ignore the wealth we have generated as a direct result of our trading co-operation with the EU, which is one of the main benefits of membership. Each UK taxpayer pays in - what? - around £300 per year to this 'club', and we get around £240bn in easy export trade as a result. And other stuff. That's pretty cool, I think.

    I point out the unhappiness with the EU by it’s own member countries thank you - with links that showed that the others countries wouldn't actually go as far as we stupid folk have done - and they certainly won't now as they watch the resulting carnage. Dunno what you replied has I haven’t read that thread yet, but I’d imagine it’s somewhere along the lines of “ Ahh, they might be unhappy, but they aren’t leaving.”Close, but no cigar.
    Sorry for this rather disjointed post, but the basics are in there. That's ok - I've just jointed it further.
  15. Give us some examples, Kools.

    A friend and colleague of mine, someone who devotes a huge amount of his time to a local charity, an all-round decent bloke if a bit curmudgeonly, posted one of 'these' sillyisms on Facebook a few weeks back. I bit my Facebook tongue, but did have a chat with him afterwards. It seems to have disappeared.

    Just goes to show - Religion and Brexit can make otherwise decent folk behave like ejits.

  16. Josh.91

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    The solution to an ever growing population, is to keep building? Think there may be a limit there
  17. Heat

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    You would have to be an idiot to not realise that the UK is extremely soft on benefits, immigration, crime, etc.
    If you don’t know of people near you, or maybe family members or friends living in UK, immigrants, or born here, who are on very large benefits, then I would be surprised.
    I know one woman who has milked every possible pound from the government while still having more children. She and her partner live like they were top earners. And she abuses the court system.
    Like it or not, the facts are we are in a weak country that encourages us to do no work for more handouts than an average workers wage.
  18. Yes there is.

    At the moment, we are nowhere towards reaching it. In fact without this ever increasing young working tax-paying population - partly made up from immigrants - our old folk would be unkeepable.
  19. Isitreally

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    Thats a ridiculous argument, how do other counties around the world cope ofter with populations small than london but a land mass far greater than ours.
  20. Dr Bodgit

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    There is not enough housing as we have too many low-skilled workers, our productivity as a country is no where near Germany's for example.

    Germany uses one driver and a JCB, we use 10 people with shovels, as an analogy.

    We need fewer people with better stills and make the economy more productive, but that's a long term strategic change which no government seems to recognise.

    In the meantime, we should be building shed loads of houses, supply and demand...just not in my back yard if you please.
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