How do you reckon the former Great Britain is now viewed by the world?

Discussion in 'Just Talk' started by Deleted member 33931, May 15, 2018.

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    I think many other countries still look after their parents at home
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    I assume this was posted with wry humour. Making it my post of the week.

    Yes. There is a limit.

    I don’t think I said there wasn’t a limit.

    But, for the sake of completeness, should we calculate the limit? I like a maths problem.

    People seem to be able to live in London. Admittedly, it’s not what I call living, but some people claim it’s habitable. I’ve even heard they even have parks and some recreational facilities. I’m not sure whether that’s true.

    London has a population density of roughly 5000 people per square km (many U.K. metropolitan areas are similar - London isn’t that special).

    The U.K. has an area of roughly 250,000 square km.

    So that’s a capacity of (take socks off to aid counting) 1.25 billion people?

    1.25 billion?! That’s a big number isn’t it? How many immigrants were we expecting?

    I think our limits are fine. It appears we won’t need to pave over the Scottish highlands yet - or anything remotely like that. Would you agree? We seem to be over a billion people away from the “limit”.

    Nobody is suggesting turning the country into a giant London, because nobody is talking about 1.25 billion people.

    We’d have to buy food in because we’d not have enough agricultural land. Oh wait, we already do import most of our food. Turns out economies buy things they need. Who knew?

    We just need a few more houses and a few fewer NIMBYs (linking back to DrB’s post) - unless the whole of China turns up.

    Let’s go back to teasing immigrants because they speak a funny language. Arithmetic can’t undermine that position eh?
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    So it is you holding all the traffic up not realising in Britain distance and speed is in miles.

    The numbers on the signposts for speed are miles per hour not kilometres per hour.

    Therefore land area is in miles also not kilometres.

    Now hurry up old chap.
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    “How do you reckon the former Great Britain is now viewed by the world”

    Well then I guess we wil be viewed and envied by most of the world on Saturday,

    wether or not her dad turns up :)
  5. dobbie

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    I do not think they would like to be paying for a bunch of sponging parasites.
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  7. facilities

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    Dobbie I’m talking about the wedding not the House of Lords or the MEPs
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    If you want to contribute more to the EU coffers, I’d suggest you do what others have already suggested. Move from your quite insulated North Devon enclave and live in Germany or perhaps France. ( I hear Paris is quite lively at the moment)

    Are you entirely sure these EU migrants will learn our values though? Here in the East Midlands, they think nothing of flytipping any and most of their rubbish in the streets ( and have been for years now) It’s approaching almost epidemic proportions. Crime is on the up, yet people charged with crime is on the decrease, ( I will concede here that it’s not only immigrants causing crime, but the figures for immigrants committing offences is rising)
    Values ex or otherwise my ****
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    I thought Dobbie was on about those in Brussels. :eek::eek::eek:
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  11. dobbie

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    I know,we need to abolish the house of lords too,the meps will be going next year.
  12. joinerjohn1

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    Nah but I bet Herr Merkel will have her own invite. ;);)
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  14. facilities

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    Hey Filly good article, and yes we know that one or two on here are still grieving and have not yet come out the other side, I doubt they ever will, the first part of coming to terms is admitting they were wrong, what with our overseas trade booming & business confidence sky high, it must be difficult for them,

    Fortunately for the country while the main opposing politicle party is led by Jezza & helped by his past girlfriend, the name escapes me, Micky Mouse could lead the Tories & still get re elected :)
  15. joinerjohn1

    joinerjohn1 Screwfix Select

    Ahhh, that explains it. Them remainers are grieving. Let them come to me, I’m an end of life representative on our ward. I can help them through this very difficult period in their lives. Perhaps some of them have a bucket list of things they’d like to try before next years exit from that great failure the EU ( I dare bet actually getting behind the U.K. isn’t on their bucket list though )
  16. I expect that the vast majority of immigrants & refugees to this country could teach the average Brit a thing or two about values. The values that our country was so respected for has largely gorn down the pan over the past - what is it? - oh yes, two years. Let's see you try and blame "they" folks for what I pointed out in post #1. Struggling? You should be.

    "They" think nothing of flytipping, eh? That's a 'standard' for immigrants in t'north, eh? I didn't know that.

    Anyhoo, we do indeed seem to have an issue with an increase in crime over the past number of years. What could possibly be the cause? Well, a recession and fall in income tends to contribute to that sort of issue. A drop in police numbers - especially with a visible presence - definitely leads to an increase in crime. A finger can almost certainly be aimed at our menopausal* economy and the gov's choice of 'austerity' for the drop in police numbers (and NHS staff, and, well, everything - how are the pot holes doing in your area these days? Over here, they are hellish).

    What has led to our staggering economy? You and your mates with your wise decision. Funny that.

    (Funny 'utterly tragic' not funny 'ha ha'.)

    *Can't believe that witticism has got the press so worked up; I thought it was a hoot.
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    I thought the standard unit of speed was metres per second, not... what was it you fossils use? Furlongs per fortnight? Chains per donkey’s age?
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    Jeez Filly. That was some wet twaddle.

    I’m not bitter.

    You guys dented my[1] economy. You didn’t mean to, but you did. You said you’d fix it and then left it in the hands of morons who are still scratching their heads wondering what to do about it.

    We can still be mates. I just want an apology.

    Oh yeah, and don’t be offended if I don’t let you drive it again.

    [1] not really mine.
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    He probably reckons this one will be quite busy and will attend the next one, which will be much quieter.
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  20. At least we've hit on something that many other countries are still envious of us for - our young royal family.

    I can't honestly be the only one who thinks that Harry seems like a pretty good cove and Wills is astonishingly normal too? Wills' wifie seems ok and Harry's intended is just off-the-scale awesome.

    Queenie has managed to maintain a sense of balance as the years have gone by and the world has changed; like her or not - or what she represents - but you have to admit she's impressive; that is some sense of duty. Philip is a cranky twittish throwback, matched only by his daft son Charles - who I hope will never get his homeopathic fingers on the throne. Andrew is a sleezy slimeball and Annie is just cantankerous - but quite cool in a strange way.

    The 'boys', tho' - how on earth could they have turned out so well given the hellishly dysfunctional life they've been through? Happy to see the royal family carry on for a wee while yet with the additional humanity (that's just for Bee-Two) that they demonstrate.

    Their days are numbered, tho', but at least the main folk populating the outfit is a lot more acceptable - even inspirational at times - these days?

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