How far apart adjacent units to fit 600mm integrated washing machine?

Discussion in 'Kitchen Fitters' Talk' started by SomeOfTheGear, Aug 19, 2021.

  1. SomeOfTheGear

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    Hi, I'm fitting a new kitchen. The corner unit and next ones either side of it are all good (don't you just love laser levels?). On one wall I've got to fit an integrated Washing machine. The Washing machine dimensions say width is 600mm. I'm still waiting on delivery of the machine and can't put the fitting on hold until it arrives.

    Presumably I've got to leave 600mm space for the washing machine plus a few mm either side to allow it to slide in/out? Or do I?

    Should I space the next unit exactly 600mm away from the last (I'd use a spare existing unit as a temporary template) or do I space the next unit in the run with a (say 2 or 3 mm) gap on either side?

  2. BillyT

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    Integrated machines normally fitted into a 600mm space. It is important to get this exact so when door is fitted it has the same gaps as adjacent cabinets for a seamless look. The machine specs/sizes should be available from the manufacturer.
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  3. Adamfya

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    Integrated appliances normally 595mm or thereabouts
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  4. woodbutcherbower

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    Yes - space at exactly 600mm, and make sure it’s 600mm at the back of the aperture as well as the front (sounds obvious, but check it anyway). As Adamfya has said, the appliance itself will be around 595mm and the door frontal will be around 597mm, so that you achieve the same panel gap to match all of your other door frontals. One other tip is to make sure there’s no plumbing, sockets or other gubbins sitting at the back of your aperture. The front-to-back clearance on many integrated appliances can be pretty tight. Good luck with it.
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  5. SomeOfTheGear

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    Thanks for the replies everyone. I'm actually lucky with space at the back of the units because we've set all the units off the wall by 100mm as there's a sloping ceiling and this gives us enough headroom. Also, as it's a 1st floor kitchen in a sloping roof, all of the services are run in the Combes which makes it really easy to get at stuff.
  6. kitfit1

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    As others have said, 600mm front and back. As the worktop wouldn't have been installed yet, level all 4 corners of the machine as well before the worktop is fitted. Much easier to now than latter. I take it the tops are granit or solid of some description ?

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