How many RG6 cables do I need for tv/sat etc?

Discussion in 'Electricians' Talk' started by Jacopo, Nov 8, 2019.

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    I’m refurbishing my house and I want to run new RG6 cables for the tv in the living room and dining room

    I also want it to be future-proof in case I want to use sky (there is a satellite dish with the shotgun cable running through a hole in the wall)

    My idea is running all the cables from the loft to the the living areas, cut the old aerial in the loft and reconnect to the new cables

    Now my question is: do I have to run 3 cables to the living room if I want normal TV + satellite?
    Does Sky still use two cables?
    And if so, could I get away with one cable and a triplexer?
    My suspect is that the two satellite cables cannot be mixed into one as they carry the same frequencies... maybe 2 cables and a triplexer?
    Or do I really need 3 cables?
  2. KIAB

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    If your wanting Sky then look at better quailty cable,Webro WF100 cable it's double screened.
    As to your sat dish, the installer will most likely change the LNB for a Sky Q LNB, request a Hybrid LNB,it has 6 outputs 2 of which can be used for a Sky Q Box leaving 4 spare for Freesat receivers or Freesat TVs.
    As to using a triplexer for tv, you might need to use a distribution amplifer instead, all depends on signal from tv transmitter.
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  3. Hans_25

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    +1 on the use the Webro WF100 cable. SF's NX100 is very similar if not identical, much better than RG6.

    I've got a Labgear 5x8 multiswitch switch in my loft, it takes as input 4xLNB plus another input with Freeview/UHF, VHF and DAB. It then outputs 8 cables all of which have all of those inputs, 2 cables to each room which connect to a quadplex faceplate for 2x satellite, UHF and VHF/DAB. A triplex faceplate is the same but without the radio so just 2 cables to each room rather than 3.

    If you want fancy Sky Q, then believe you can get SkyQ compatible multiswitch as KIAB mentions.

  4. peter palmer

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    We used to install loads of satellite cables along with normal aerial points but just lately people are only wanting basic aerial sockets behind TVs, when asked about sky most say they don't bother and use Netflix etc, they don't even want network points saying wifi is good enough these days, personally I'd always hard wire a network or two behind every TV if it was my house.

    As for not wanting Sky I can well believe it, the cost is astronomical for what is basically a load of old **** populated with adverts every 5 minutes.
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    Well I've now got 2xfreesat, 1x freeview, 1xVHF/DAB and 4x CAT6 :)
  6. peter palmer

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    I went a bit overkill, in my house behind the main tv cabinet I've got 8 data, 6 co-ax, 3 twins, a tube up to the TV and then up again to under the upstairs floor, and a 5.1 speaker outlet plate. A 1200 cabinet only just hides everything. Elswhere in the room I've got another 2 pairs of data sockets.

    There are 4 other TV points in the house which have a twin socket and a 4 gang outlet that has 3 data, 1 co-ax and a spare co-ax curled up in the box. There are at least 1 pair of data sockets in every other room dotted round.

    In my cupboard upstairs I've got a patch panel, 24 way gigabyte switch, Virgin router, NAS drive, 4 Chromecast audios with 4 mini amps, lots of twin sockets, 4 co-ax outlets and all the speaker wiring going to ceiling speakers in each room.

    And to be fair I hardly use any of it, just as well it didn't cost all that much to do.
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  8. Hans_25

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    RG6 is standard cable, should work OK unless you have long runs.

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