How much to install a gas cooker?

Discussion in 'Plumbers' Talk' started by Gastoon, Jul 14, 2007.

  1. Gastoon

    Gastoon New Member

    Just a quicky for the gas lads. One of my existing costumers phoned me today asking for a price to supply a hose and then commission a freestanding gas cooker she has bought. I told her she would also need to have the appliance suitably secured to the wall so would require a safety chain as well. Off the top of my head I said £65 for the lot. That is to supply and fit the hose and chain, Carry out all the necessary safety checks and issuing a safety certificate. I only ask because I rarely work on cookers and when I told my mate (Also Corgi Registered)what i charged he thought it was overpriced and said he lowers his rates when working on cookers because "they're easier" and this is common practice. I don't see why I should do this as to me its still gas and I normally charge a flat rate of £40/hr + materials. Just curious if anyone else thinks this is reasonable or am i ripping her off? (Its the North-East of England)
  2. ezecool

    ezecool New Member

    Are you Vat registered and/or issuing an invoice? How much is hose + chain? Do you have them in stock ready to go? Is gas already there and suitably sized for a cooker? Is the customer a regular who gives you a lot of work? Are you happy with £65 given answers to above...?

    Who knows, but £65 probably sounds ok. Ask your friend the same questions above and see if you still think you would do it for £40.
  3. Gastoon

    Gastoon New Member

    I'm not VAT registered since it's my first year on my own but I would give her a receipt and a gas safety certificate. The gas supply and fitting I know to be correct as I fitted it myself when i installed her central heating system earlier in the year. I've allowed £20-25 to supply and fit the chain and hose, then my usual rate for working on a gas appliance at £40/hr. I think this is reasonable but am curious to see what other gas fitters think. Just have never heard about working on cookers at a cheaper rate.
  4. Easy Life

    Easy Life New Member

    Our charges are very simple for cookers

    Flate rate outside central London of £50 + £10 per other item required, eg hose, chain etc.

  5. fuctifino

    fuctifino New Member

    £65 ish sounds about right to me.
  6. Captain Leaky

    Captain Leaky New Member

    thats exactly what I charge too-

    I know lets form a cartel and fix our prices so we can rip-off the public....or is that called Corgi ;)
  7. bloop the gasman

    bloop the gasman New Member

    Yup I charge £65 (i'm not VAT registered coz I keep my turnover below the threshold), this includes CORGI cert, reciept and a phone call to my pet scrap-monkey to collect the old one...
  8. graceland

    graceland New Member

    charge £65 and get your mate to do it for £40 if that makes him happier
  9. > (Its the North-East of England)

    ..until you said this I would say £ the NE they are all single mother's on state benefit
  10. aphs

    aphs New Member

    Had to laugh at a post on money where this bloke got a quote from a joiner to supply and fit a loft ladder. Quote was something like £250 and this bloke was on asking if this was to expensive. The joiner had told him it would take all day and so yer man comes out with this classic, if he's finished early then I have a few odd jobs to make sure I get a full day out of him. So by his logic if the job took a day and a half then he would pay the guy extra (aye sure he would). £40 pounds to fit a cooker is ridiculous, what about the cost of buying and running your van. What about the cost of your ACS assesments and Corgi registration. What about your liability insurance, your accountancy fees, your advertising etc etc.
  11. ben1974

    ben1974 Member

    gastoon,would you consider a free helper so I can gain some gas experience for my corgi?
    ps i live in county durham

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