How much to skim a room 4m x 4m?

Discussion in 'Other Trades Talk' started by dollydoodah, Feb 21, 2011.

  1. dollydoodah

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    Had a plasterer round this afternoon to get a quote for a skim of our lounge.

    It's about 4m by 4m, might need a little bit of loose stuff knocked off and bonded...

    He had a look and said beading of fireplace would need replaced, he doesn't use PVA as bond, uses 'proper' bond agent (which we'd need to put on), it would be a 2 man job and would take 2 days, with materials it would come to a grand total of around £530!!!

    Haven't had any plastering done for a while but this sounds very steep, and not sure about it taking 2 guys 2 days to do, at £100 per guy per day....

    Could anyone advise on how much this should cost?
  2. VF

    VF New Member

    Hi dollydoodah

    It would come to AROUND £530? either it is or it isn't mate. I take it he gave you an estimate and not a specific quote and thats
    why the maths don't come to a specific price?

    Okay, In my part of the world (Newcastle) that price is expensive but not unheard of. I take it includes the ceiling too?

    Asking you to put the PVA bonding on is not something I would ask of a customer, I belive it's my responsibility as theres no garantee they'll
    put a good quality PVA bonding on the wall or even use the correct stuff to begin with, this is unusual from this plasterers point of view.

    Two days for 2 men? mmm... I can plaster a room on my own of a similar size and take at the most three days to do it all, including a ceiling some bonding and floating new beading into your firebreast. So two days for two men sounds a bit long in my experience.

    However... quite simply I can't see your walls and gauge what condition there in. This is vital from a plasterers point of view., for example  I always give an estimate for a reskim if the walls are wallpapered as the paper can hide a multitude of issues ( sometimes even hold old plaster up! ) and only quote when I can see the walls in all their glory or horror...

    So, bearing all the above in mind I would ESTIMATE your job at no more than £425 (including materials)

    Hope this helps

  3. Hi there  you job should cost no more than £400 inc materials kind regards Britain's top Tradesman
  4. ian anderson

    ian anderson New Member

    Since no one here can see what you see, the only option open to you is to do the normal thing. Get recomendations from friends/colleagues/family and find 2 or 3 local plasterers. Get them to quote and get a feel for each guy, does he exude competence, sound confident etc?

    Only once a couple have looked at the job will you get an idea of the true cost.

    Then go for the guy you get the best feeling about. Cost is only ONE factor, no point in going against a 'gut feeling' just to save £30.

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