How to calculate how much carpet needed for stairs- think we are being ripped off by carpet retailer

Discussion in 'Other Trades Talk' started by Ruth White, Feb 1, 2021.

  1. Ruth White

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    Can anyone give me advice about measuring for stair and landing carpet? We have been quoted £400 for cheapish carpet with fitting (the carpet is £12 per M2) for stairs, landing, top of the stairs and the little bit by the bathroom in a 3 bed terraced house. We don't need carpet for hallway downstairs as it's laminated.

    I have measure stairs and added the length of them to the measurement for the top of stairs and then added the length of the small part by bathroom - all of which could be one piece and it worked out at 706cm - but with the extra cms added on for different parts as advised on a website it could probably be rounded down to 7m or if not - 8m max. The widest part of all that would be 80cm so round that to 1m. So all of that 1m x 8m max

    The landing is 366cm long x 152cm at widest part so that could be rounded to 4m x 2m

    I am thinking that considering standard carpet is 4m wide - would 7m or 8m cut into two parts not be enough for all of it? Is is there a reason that carpet cannot be cut in half?

    Because of the virus the fitter and salesman came out - I said I wanted a more expensive heavy duty carpet but he seemed very keen to get us to go with a cheaper one. WE were expecting it to cost £200 - £300 so worried we are being ripped off.
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  2. Red Star Boats

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    There can be more to fitting carpet to stairs than first appears, the pile of the carpet all needs to run in the same direction or you will get shade variations. Are there any winders or kites, do the stairs turn.? Don’t forget underlay, grippers and door bars and the cost of fitting, it soon adds up. Have you asked for a breakdown of the costs.
  3. Ruth White

    Ruth White New Member

    Hi, thanks for your reply. We live in a bog standard terraced house so stairs are all equal size and run up in a straight line - there are 11. I have emailed and asked for them to send me a breakdown of the costs but the fitter/saleman was going to be out all day so will have to wait till tomorrow. I know that stairs and landing are a lot more fiddly than doing a room. I think maybe once can actually see the costs broken down I will feel better - I just worry about sales people. He may have actually had our bests interests at heart when he advised to go with the cheaper carpet but it just seemed a bit strange. If we are paying £400 I don't want to end up with rubbish carpet that needs changing after only a few years - we've had to put up with really thin, nasty carpet (with grips that stick through and catch our hands and feet) for the past 6 years (I think the previous owner of the house had done it himself just to make the house look smart to sell as cheaply as possible) so just want it to be nice for a change.

    I noticed that SCS (which is meant to be really expensive) actually has on it's website how much it charges for fitting and they charge just a bit more for stair and landing fitting, they also have rough costs for each type of room. The local company I used doesn't have any of that info on its website so its not transparent. We only asked them because we had bedroom carpet done by them 6 years ago and were happy (but then we could just go into the shop and look around).

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  4. Red Star Boats

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    Very wise, the ancillaries make up such a large proportion of the cost of particularly stair carpeting that adding an extra £5 or £10 per sq m to the cost to the a carpet can make a huge difference the quality without impacting proportionally on the overall cost. Get a breakdown and go from there, most areas have plenty of carpet suppliers if you’re not happy with what these have to say get someone else out to quote.

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