how to connect pipework to central heating system from a log burner with back boiler.and what size s

Discussion in 'Plumbers' Talk' started by cwmliog, Sep 7, 2011.

  1. cwmliog

    cwmliog New Member

    how do i  connect pipework to central heating system from a log burner with back boiler and what size speedfit pipe should i use.
  2. heatyman

    heatyman Active Member

    Check theM.I's for the stove. Do you really mean how do you integrate it with an existing boiler? If so, then consult an expert as there are many pitfalls, and safeguards need to be fitted to avert disaster. The size of pipework depends on the output of the boiler, but do not use speedfit straight off the boiler. This must be in metal, screwed and compression.
  3. Captain Leaky

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    You MUST use metal pipe. Mechanical joints too - NO SOLDERING! The heat from a wood burner can be hot enough to melt plastic and solder. This uncontrolled heat can also be extremely damaging to your existing heating system too . You probably need a Dunsley-Baker or simialr - this is a job for a HETAS engineer.
  4. cwmliog

    cwmliog New Member

    thanks guys, can i not tee into primary flow and returns through indirect cylinder.or will i need vent pipe some how? or would you advise not to buy logburner with back boiler and just use our normal oil fired boiler to heat domestic water .and buy normal log burner to heat house as we only have small cottage.just trying to conserve fuel and seems such a waste as we are burning logs anyway,thanks all for your help.

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