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  1. .Iave a Yamaha HTR-5 h830 Amplifier and a Teac Compact CD player and am having trouble paring them to play CD's.I have the manual for the CD player but not for the Yamaha.We just Had the CD player and my son gave us the Yamaha and set it all up for us.He has moved home and we have moved the furniture around so the units need to be set up again
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    Why not ask your son? I would, but I don't know him. Not being unfriendly but it seems the right solution.
  3. BiancoTheGiraffe

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    Just connect the output on the CD player to one of the analogue inputs on the amplifier...

    Not much that can go wrong
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  4. My son has moved away too far for him to get here so will keep trying to sort it out Thanks for the replies everyone.
  5. Teki

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  6. This is as far as I have got haved plugged a pair of Phono Leads into the speaker sockets at the rear of the CD Player and plugged them into the top two sockets at the back oh the Amp which are marked Audio CD.Would that be correct I think I need to get some new speaker wire as mine are only cheap ones from wilco and as you have to twist it to fit the terminals at the back of the speaker I lose most of the wire.But maybe solder the end might work.
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    Speaker socket to Amp in - NOT good. You are likely to overload the inputs.

    Post images of the back of both CD player and Amp.
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    What is the model of the Teac cd player?
    You have described it as a "compact" unit... It might be that you need a lead to connect from the headphone output of the CD unit.


    Was it working previously with the leads you have?
    If so, is it possible that in all the manoeuvring the amp has got accidentally switched away from CD to something else, (e.g. tuner??)

    Good luck,
  9. Enclosed are two photos of Amp and CD player
  10. I get the message saying The uploaded file is two large for the server to process
  11. Yes it was working fine untill I seperated the units in order to move them

    Habve enclosed a photo of the unit if it helps
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    The outputs are NOT speaker, but line.

    Connect those directly to Audio 3 - teh inputs. Scroll through the inputs to see if there is anything. If that fails try AV2 and AV3 .
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  14. H
    Hi Bob have just looked at the 1st link you kindly sent me and wondered if I need to do what it says in section 16 as that is about speakers
  15. One more thing I have connected the Amp to the player as they appear in section 16 on the 1st link.but cannot see if it is correct untill I connect the speakers.Would you have any idea as to how the speakers are connected.Thank's for all your help.
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    You can use this site to upload your photos and share the link on here:

    Please take photos of the rear of the CD player, amplifier and speakers.
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    Yes - Section 16 for the CD player connection. Sorry I was not clear - what I meant was that these pictures contain information about all of the connections you need to make to get it working. It wasn't clear what exactly was causing the problem for you as you have also mentioned the speakers both here and on the MSE site where you also asked.

    So, just to be clear, these are the connections you need to make:
    • CD player to amp as in Section 16.
    • Amp to speakers as in Section 5.

    By the way, if you have any headphones, you could test the CD player to amplifier connection by plugging the headphones into the amp without needing the speakers to be connected yet.
  18. BiancoTheGiraffe

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    This is all unnecessarily complicated!

    A simple photo of the back of the units is all that's needed!
  19. Bob256

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  20. FlyByNight

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    Is that the correct amp? The part numbers are different so YOU are making an assumption.

    All thgat has been asked for are pictures of the actual units - especially as teh OP claims the CD player has speaker outputs which are not in the picture.
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