How to connect WC to soil pipe at an unusual angle

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    Hi! First time posting here! Great forum, a novice DIYer attempting to fit my first bathroom out.
    I'm installing a bathroom into a bedroom, the bedroom was previously used as a bathroom (40+ years ago) but all the waste and soil pipes have been removed leaving the soil/waste pipe holes in the wall behind.

    So my situation is as follows...
    • 120mm hole already exists in the wall suitable for toilet waste.
    • Hole slopes downards from inside the room to outside at a 20deg angle.
    • Hole is offset from the back of the pan by about 70mm. The pan exit is 70mm higher than the hole.
    • Prefer not to use a long flexible pan connector as connector will be exposed. My opinion, they are ugly (as is boxing one in!)
    I'm struggling to find a white 20 deg soil pipe bend or 20 deg pan connectors for sale anywhere, even online.
    Does anyone have any other suggestions? I'd rather avoid bricking the hole up and re-drilling it, but that seems my only option at the moment.

  2. The Teach

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    Thats a help,some installer intervention will be required to align the soil pipe for a satisfactory long term result which complies to the local building standards.yes they exist and you will need a completion certificate (although there are some depends) :eek:. pay now or later.

    there are so many wc pans on the internet market,some better than others. Its 2019 not 1970. For a new wc install why not install a modern pan which is back to the wall. It hides the f u g ly plumbing soil pipe and more easily to clean.

    this mcalpine semi flexi pipe makes the process a little more easy 'WC-F21R'

    Easy :)
  3. KIAB

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    Brick up exsisting hole, then core drill another one thats level.
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