How to cut 20mm porcelain tiles (600x600mm)

Discussion in 'Tilers' Talk' started by Robert Gruber, Mar 30, 2020.

  1. Robert Gruber

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    Morning all,

    I’ve been cutting 20mm thick 600x600mm porcelain outdoor floor tiles for a patio (driveway yet to do) and have struggled with my Rubi DU 200 Evo using RUBI 30956 Cpc - Pro 200mm blades.

    When I try to cut a tile now the machine wanders (always to the left as you pull it towards you) and doesn’t cut straight.

    This is for my own house so only work on the projects at the weekend And peacemeal so am reluctant to hire a machine.

    Can people recommend a tool man-enough for the job with a. View to selling the tool afterwards? Could possibly stretch to £700-£1,000 or should I have to spend more?

    Has anyone tried cutting 20mm porcelain with the Dewalt D24000?

    Or should I be looking towards machines with a 6HP spec? This is what someone very helpful at one of the online sites suggested but these seem cost prohibitive.

    Thanks in advance,
  2. TheMorg

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    I would try with a different blade first. Have a look at something like this You can end up spending a serious amount of money on blades! I use their blades in my D24000 and they are excellent (I've not had to cut 20mm porcelain, but I can't see it struggling). Also see if you can pick up a dressing stone to keep the blade in good condition - if you can't find one sandstone is supposed to do a similar job.
  3. blarblarblarblar

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    I had the same problem when doing the bathroom and en-suite, with 20mm Porcelain, struggled for absolutely ages. Bought a B&Q 900 mm manual tile cutter, think it was their own brand and for cutting straight lines it was 100% perfect. Couldn’t believe it was so good.

    try it see how you get on, they sell them for less than £100,

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