how to fill tiny gaps between flagstones?

Discussion in 'Builders' Talk' started by j8j, Jun 1, 2013.

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    I've recently uncovered an original flagstone floor which was underneath carpet in the kitchen of my georgian house. As per the title, I'm wondering what material is best for filling very tiny gaps (between 1-3mm) in the flagstones? Some are basically just filled with dirt (which looks fine, but don't think I can replicate this as it's hardened, ancient dirt). I've done a test using some lime conservation filler, looks ok, but it's pretty messy and difficult without smearing some on the face of the stones, which of course I want to avoid. Is there an easy way? For the record I'm not a proper builder, just a DIYer :)
  2. getroofingquotes

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    You can fill it with plans or other fills. It also depends on how size of the gaps. If its bigger you can choose ground cover ground. If you don't like planting then you can use inert fillers like builders sand, decomposed granite, stones and gravel.
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    'getroofingquotes' The flagstones are on his kitchen floor not in the garden.
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