How to fix hearth to floor

Discussion in 'Builders' Talk' started by Cassas00, Dec 3, 2019.

  1. Cassas00

    Cassas00 Member

    Hi all,

    I'm looking to fix a tiled hearth to a concrete floor that has been leveled using a self-leveling compound.

    There will be no heat coming from the fireplace, it is purely decorative, possibly an electric fire may be installed in future but just for the light effects.

    I want it raised about 18mm as my wood flooring and underlay together is 18mm. It doesn't have to be exact, just raised enough so that the floor doesn't hide some of the patterns tiles around the hearth face.

    I was thinking of either doing:

    A) Full bed of mortar (Should I be using SBR for better adhesion?)
    B) Grip fill or tile adhesive (flexible?) - with either a plywood base or creating a timber frame and leveling off a concrete base?

    Can anyone advise?
  2. Multiskillmaster

    Multiskillmaster New Member

    Grip fill is a monkeys adhesive. It has its places, but is now outdated.. polymer sealants are the way to go.
    Depends what tiles/slabs... some natural stones (slate e.g ) need a neat cement and SBR wash on the back to aid adhesion to the mortar.
    If you need to make up.. and then tile..Sheet of ply on sealant, to get the levels.
    If you are tiling straight onto the concrete then use rapid set tile adhesive, if mixed stiff will support on large spots.
  3. Cassas00

    Cassas00 Member

    Great, the hearth is a concrete slab I believe, it has been pre-tiled so only need sticking it to the floor.
  4. Multiskillmaster

    Multiskillmaster New Member

    Even better, you can tile over tile...just use a decent adhesive, rapid set will let you level out any small imperfections in the levels.
  5. Cassas00

    Cassas00 Member

    Sorry,t I haven't been clear. The hearth is finished, already been tiled, no more tiling is necessary.

    But I gather that using sealant and ply to get the required height then using tile adhesive to stick is hearth to the ply is OK?
  6. Multiskillmaster

    Multiskillmaster New Member

    Oh this hearth is a piece of stone? The existing hearth is already tiled..but too you need to build up so new stone/ hearth material is to match carpet height? Yes sit ply on polymer, and the new hearth it’s all got a little flex in it.
  7. Cassas00

    Cassas00 Member

    That's it! Great thanks!

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