How to fix real wood floor

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    Hi everyone,

    We moved into our property just over a year ago and have been slowly working around the house. We're now decorating the hallway, and we're in need of some advice on how to fix the hallway flooring.

    Basically, the real wood flooring (which is nailed down onto the floorboards) has been pulled up at some point when the central heating was installed in the property, 20?/30?/40? years ago. Now, we really love the floor that is there, so we're wondering how we go about fixing it so that it looks smooth and flat.

    There is a picture attached. The floor won't need to come up unless we decide to replace, so i'm wondering - How should we fix the floor? Is it fixable, or is it time to take the lot up and replace?

    I'm pretty handy myself, so will try to sort it myself, I just don't know how to!

    Also, anyone any idea what kind of wood it is? It reminds me of a walnut kind of finish.

    Thanks in advance,

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  2. Astramax

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    Could be done, reasonably easy task to do with care, find suitable wood and let it in, a multi tool would be a useful piece of kit for this task.
  3. dwlondon

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    The floor is as good as it gets for its age and service. You are unlikely to get it to look like a laminate floor. You could use a floor sander to effect a new finish, but that seems to have gone out of fashion now. Just make good on the repairs and live with it. You could not install a new floor with that vintage appeal.
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  4. KIAB

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    Patination! be a shame to take a floor sander to it.:(

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