How to fix this hole/crack

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  1. Fridge03

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    Hi all,
    Hoping for some ideas on the below. I've attached a couple of photos to help explain a bit better.
    Currently doing up an old cottage.
    There was a floor to ceiling crack along this internal corner between an existing lath and plaster wall (the wall with the door frame) and a newer stud wall which is solid and plasterboarded.
    Over the years where the door as been shut/slammed etc this crack has appeared and well as you can see in the photo, the old plaster breaking away to leave a hole/gap in some parts.
    I have scraped away/cut off any loose bits so what is left in the photos is still solid plaster.
    What would be the best way going about repairing this? The issue is there is nothing behind to build onto. The laths from what I can see were cut or removed when the stud wall was built (probably leading to this issue developing).

    As I mentioned the rest of the wall area is solid so I'd rather try and repair then take out a load and replace.
    A couple of ideas we've had:
    Fill the gap with expanding foam, cut it back flush, scrim tape over the top and then fill/repair using something like gyproc easy fill?
    Cut some more away, fix battens behind by screwing through existing plaster, fit some plasterboard, fill over the top.

    Thoughts appreciated!
    Many thanks

  2. Dommer

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    Personally I would do option 2. The hole looks deep and it might a lot of foam to fill that. Plasterboard tape, fill and sand.
  3. Wayners

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    It's late. I'm tired. Not studied your explanation too hard but having a look I think.

    Take door architrave off the one side. Remove the side bit of plasterboard or lath plaster. Fix some wood in. Fit new plasterboard. Put the architrave back on.

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