How to fix through external claddding

Discussion in 'Builders' Talk' started by coadhall, Nov 24, 2021.

  1. coadhall

    coadhall New Member

    Hi, as an older DIY'er I am trying to fix a new gate post to my home, the issue I have is the house wall is old council fitted brick slip cladding with a polystyrene inner core.
    I want to use a bolt to fix to the brick wall underneath the cladding which is 85mm thick, any ideas or help on the best fixings to use.
    I have fixed to normal walls before, but this has got me flumoxed
  2. MRY

    MRY Active Member

    I might be inclined to sideatep this one, and see about putting in a post which is not bolted to your house. Why does it have to be bolted to your house? You might get nasty rattles and clangs through your masonry, to say nothing of what might happen if a long waggly thing's screwed into the masonry.
  3. Garak112

    Garak112 Member

    I have EWI on my home.

    If you need to fix something heavy to the walls the correct method is to cut the cladding back to the brick, fix a block of wood to the wall that is sized to sit just below the the surface of the cladding and then cover it up. You then fix to the wood.

    Our EWI installer recommended against fixing a gate post to the wall and instead we buried the post in the ground. It's easier, avoids compromising the cladding and is just as good.
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  4. coadhall

    coadhall New Member

    Thanks for replies, cannot dig into ground under where post is going to be as the sewer pipe runs along the edge of foundations, the post will not be holding any weight, just the latch.
  5. MRY

    MRY Active Member

    Use a Metpost socket bolted to a 900 x 600 paving slab?
  6. Tilt

    Tilt Screwfix Select

    Iirc I have spoken to folk that have had their external cladding cracked / damaged by tradesmen (possibly window cleaning) putting their ladders up against it, without protecting it.

    Our local guy (lives on our street) wraps cloths around the end of all his guys ladders.

    If you try screwing a post the cladding I think it will crack the surface, even if it doesn't get damaged when you fit the post the first time the gate gets blown shut it will likely cause damage I think.

    I think I would do as @Garak112 mentions, the first bit, in your situation.

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