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    this is in answer to the question posted by the super jelpfull mr Ninja.YES! truly a massive thank you to both Goldenboy and the Ninja. Also the others it seems less daunting the way you put it .
    I spent an hour last nigth drafting a breakdown of what really happened in my course but somehow it didnt post.

    Basicaly the course was intensive from 8am to 5pm for six weeks instead of once a week for a year hence no work placement like with a college.
    for a few days it was sawing straight and making very basic joints. Then

    1 making a mitre box
    2practicing skirting and scribing round a small jig with all the funny angles
    3 skirting round a big wooden jig
    4 constructing a door lining and fitting it into a deliberately wonky stud frame (non standard size to force resizing of the door)
    5planing and hanging the door plus fitting mortice lock etc
    6making a stick with various mortices using all machines :planer, mortice - chop circular and table saw

    7making a casement window with all sorts of funny angles rebates and champfers , first hand tools only then another using machines
    8 setting out, cutting and fitting a pair of common rafters at a randomly determined pitch to understasnd the angles in hand cut roofs
    10 fixing and stabilising a set 8 of trussed rafters and constructing access hatch
    11 fitting floor joists with square housing using joist brackets and housing joints and covering with various types of flooring like boards and t&g panels.

    all these finished to within 1mm to acheive pass and some things like sinking butts and machine work to zero tolerance. Followed by a complete writeup of method statement and health and safety and such.

    no sitting in the classroom and getting the breakdown we just had to ask when we got stuck

    How does it compare to you guys's idea of a city and guilds lvl1? would love to know.
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    finally,, TWICE thanks for the punctuation tip chippie
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    so, how you getting on?

    update us!

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