How to identify u-value / energy class of old uPVC windows?

Discussion in 'Eco Talk' started by andyscotland, Feb 27, 2018.

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    I'm planning to re-convert my garage (the previous owners did it, but not to regs, and I now need to sort it out). The lintels limit how much I can increase the floor height to insulate, so I'm having to go down the compensating route to calculate the whole heat loss from the space and increase performance of other components to balance out.

    There are two existing uPVC double-glazed windows that were fitted around 2008 : I don't have any info on them and there's nothing visible on / around the frame to identify them. Anyone got any suggestion of how I might find out / estimate their U-value, or what a worst-case scenario would have been for a new double-glazed window back then?

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    Thanks, that's a good tip. Although, the walls were not insulated to the regs so I'm not 100% confident the windows will be. Although I suppose it's reasonable to assume the most common windows on the market at the time would be around / not much worse than what the regs required.

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