How to seal a draft in fireplace?

Discussion in 'Builders' Talk' started by Adam Taylor, Feb 12, 2017.

  1. Adam Taylor

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    I'm trying to improve the insulation in my lounge and have added 75mm celotex between studwork and will be adding celotex backed plasterboard for the walls. The room is still really cold though and I've found a big gap around the funnel to the log burner that goes up the chimney which is letting a big draft in. Is there anything I can do to seal this? Some type of expanding foam??

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  2. sospan

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    What is the horizontal board made of is it timber or metal ?

    BTW have you insulated the floor ?
  3. Adam Taylor

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    Hi. The horizontal piece is metal.

    Floor is not insulated, think I'd look to do that at some point in the future when changing the stud floor for carpet. Believe it is a floating floor at the moment...
  4. sospan

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  5. Adam Taylor

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  6. (Psssst! The draught that's making the room cold is coming up from your floorboards...)


    Anyhoo, does your actual stove 'pull' properly?
  7. sospan

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    That's s my call in the earlier post, the gaps in the floorboards are too large and will be the source of the draft with air vent on the outside, wind will (as it should do) whistle under the floor. It may be a better option to take it off the walls and put it under the floor voids.

    The Celeotex needs moving forward as it should be on the front face of the stud partition with a vapour barrier. At the moment heat will go through the plasterboard and any moisture can condense with the cold air in the void

  8. kiaora

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    if you have the room, its better to bring the fire into the room, get a lot more heat out of it then.
    bit of vertical flue off the top and 45 degree bend with soot door, it will act as a very big radiator!

    i have mine free standing in the kitchen, gets very warm when on.



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