how to stop an integrated washing machine from moving...??1

Discussion in 'Kitchen Fitters' Talk' started by dsf, Jan 2, 2009.

  1. dsf

    dsf New Member

    hi out there... can someone give me some tips to stop a built under washing machine from moving during a spin cycle... after fitting the kitchen i tested the appliance and it didnt move after the cylce had finished but my customer insists it moves enough for the integrated door to be out of alignment...

    i am sure its level (in all directions) and as far as I'm concerned i've done everyting as i would normally do.... any tips would be v useful and i'd be grateful....

  2. Joelp1

    Joelp1 New Member

    i find that a mix of a weak floor and a full load do make them move. Explain thats just how it is. Did you place a piece of worktop under it to give it some stability? And all legs firmly screwed down? Advise them to turn the spin speed down!
  3. dsf

    dsf New Member

    hhmmmm.... well its a concrete floor and i did put down worktop too as feet were not tall enough (as usual..)

    these customers are just the sort of people where theat wont accept this...!! oh well... will see how it goes...!!

    ta for the response...
  4. cosworth

    cosworth New Member

    ive never fitted them on worktop so maybe thats creating a problem. i always place them on the floor.yes they dont always sit under the top tight but they got a firm base. this will mean throwing the door instructions in the bin though as it has to be done by your own measurements.
  5. Joelp1

    Joelp1 New Member

    i only put it on worktop if its on a wooden floor.
  6. bernieeccles

    bernieeccles Member

    I always sit my appliances on two strips of 40mm worktop 100mm wide by the required depth.The worktop strips are screwed down to wooden floors and stuck down with silicone to solid floors.
    Lots of advantages to this method and one I like is that in rare occasions when needed, I can run a waste pipe out under the appliance by cutting the strips in half and leaving a channel for the pipe.

    With integrated washers, I get it all fitted, doors lined up
    and then I clamp down the feet to the strips of worktop with a couple of spare wall unit hanging brackets at the front, the crank of which is enough to fit over the rubber foot. A couple of panheads in each bracket and everything is hunky dory.
  7. Binfield Carpenter

    Binfield Carpenter New Member

    Some thoughts here

    1. as other posters have mentioned having a really form foundation is most important. Even wit hgood foundation having kinked hoses at he back can serve to push the machine out of position once vibration starts. Can be worth pulling the machine out and checking that the hoses can all hang clear of obstructions and kinks.

    2. I have had similar trouble before and solved it by putting sticky backed foam sheet on the sides of the machine and sliding in a foam block between the top of the machine and the worktop. Between them these damped the movement enough that the machine no longer walked about. In this case the machine was an old one being refitted and the customer knew it was really his problem and was glad I managed to find a solution.

    3. I presume the door is hinged off the machine itself. Even a 1mm movement of the machine will mess up the door alignment. Is there any opportunity to put in a false stile from which you can hinge the door. Then the machine can move about a bit but the door stays where you put it.

    4. Did you supply the machine? If not, you have a fall back position if it all turns into an ugly argument. You cannot expect a door to stop THEIR machine walking around the kitchen if it is really desperate to do so - suggest that they deal with the machine.

  8. Binfield Carpenter

    Binfield Carpenter New Member

    whoops .... spilling chocker didn't work too well above. Sorry about that
  9. russ295

    russ295 New Member

    each bracket and everything is hunky dory.


    i fit a 600x560 piece of ply to the floor (wood or concrete) then 2 strips of ply 80x560, each side. slide the washer in and level, fit door and adjust as necessary, then fit wall brackets, i always leave a about 603mm for aplainces.

    i fitted a bosch w/m a few years ago and it came with clamping brackets, thats when i started using the wall brackets.

    only ever had one problem (before i started fitting the brackets) and she was washing her 13.5 tog double quilt in it!

  10. HOTDOG ø

    HOTDOG ø Active Member

    a dozen cans of expanding foam should sort it ;)
  11. bonnie the botch

    bonnie the botch New Member

    it only takes two tins to fill a mini cooper , what do you use the other 10 tins for hotdog??
  12. Captain Leaky

    Captain Leaky New Member

    How do you know that?
  13. Lucky

    Lucky New Member

    Methinks Hotdog had a bad paying Mini owning Customer , who had to suffer retribution for said debt !!

  14. bonnie the botch

    bonnie the botch New Member

    i couldnt posibly comment! but it does
  15. jonny kitchen

    jonny kitchen New Member

    1.Have fitted hundreds they alwasy move
    2.I hate fitting them
    3.Not much you can do some work (melea)some dont(smeg!!)
  16. blueassedfly!

    blueassedfly! New Member

    how to stop an integrated washing machine from moving...??1
    fit it properly!
    or dont use it
  17. jonny kitchen

    jonny kitchen New Member

    1.Dont use it
    2.Put it in another room ie utility,cellar,garage like every other country does
    3.I still hate them
  18. dsf

    dsf New Member

    thanks jonny kitchen.... yes... it was a smeg.... and i agree.... i hate them too...!!
  19. yak

    yak New Member

    I dont want to insult you but have you taken the transit bolts out?
  20. wise uncle

    wise uncle New Member

    Yak, have you ever seen a washing machine go into spin with bolts left in. It does the dance of death & tries to right your kitchen off.
    Most movement is generally caused by machine slightly unstable or way over loaded with washing.

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