How to trim internal door without a circular saw

Discussion in 'Carpenters' Talk' started by EdSlocombe, Jul 5, 2018.

  1. EdSlocombe

    EdSlocombe Member

    The carpet fitters have pointed out that the door in our living room will need trimming and they won't do it since it has glass in it. They reckon about 5mm needs to be cut off. I don't have a circular saw and can see most videos online would use that. I wondered if I could get away without buying one...

    I have a multi-tool (this one) and did wonder if the circular attachment might do. Failing that, wondered about buying a cheap smoothing planer (but never used one before). Reckon either of those would do the job or any better suggestions?

    Here's the door - not really sure TBH if it's hollow at all inside:


    Thanks in advance.
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  2. ramseyman

    ramseyman Screwfix Select

    50mm seems an excessive amount. Are you sure? If you haven't got access to a fine tooth circular saw you could use a fine tooth jig saw but best to score the cut line with a stanley knife where you're cutting across the grain at the sides. Otherwise a fine tooth panel hand saw. In all cases a fly over with a sharp plane would tidy it up and a bit of sanding.
  3. AlvyChippy

    AlvyChippy Active Member


    ANW, clamp square timber on the line of cut, in long- shallow cuts (to not to wobble) will do it in~15 min
  4. EdSlocombe

    EdSlocombe Member

    Ha, yep - 5mm is what I meant! [Now edited]
  5. AlvyChippy

    AlvyChippy Active Member

    Electric Planer or even a block planer
    Or any saw and clean up with planer or sander...

    Your fitters should have had some means to do that, having a glass- poor excuse... Or offer them £10-20 just to get it done
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  6. Dr Bodgit

    Dr Bodgit Super Member

    Electric planer for me. Always mark where you want the finished edge to be or some kind of reference.
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  7. Astramax

    Astramax Super Member

    Change where you buy you're carpets, never heard of anything so ridiculous. Mark a pencil line along the bottom of the door with a block of wood 20mm thick, with the door shut place the wood on the floor and slide along floor and mark the door with a pencil, that now gives you a line to cut too which is parallel with the floor when the door is closed, at 5mm use an electric plane to remove the unwanted wood. Failing that do you know a chippy!
    Liking the style of the door, where do the come from?
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  8. KIAB

    KIAB Super Member

    Do like that door,where it from.
  9. CGN

    CGN Screwfix Select

    Lidl have track saws in at moment if you plan to do other woodwork etc!
  10. Jitender

    Jitender Screwfix Select

    Tracksaw would be best, only saying as I have one now.

    If its a veneered door 5mm may be too much to take off if the door has already been trimmed. Doors I fitted which were oak doors only allowed 6mm on each side. You could check the current height of the door to determine how much has already been removed.

    Door look expensive so wouldn't risk other methods as you could have chips, i find the tracksaw with the guide helps stop any splinters, I just need to run some sandpaper down the edge to remove so tear.
  11. EdSlocombe

    EdSlocombe Member

    Thanks for the replies all. Will pop to the store in a sec and look at picking up a track saw or electric planer then.

    I guess I might get an electric planer, track saws look expensive. Although assume, Jitender, you're suggesting that risk chips too..? Perhaps they hire out track saws.

    Will double check door height first.

    Sorry KIAB, not sure - was here when we moved in.
  12. Jitender

    Jitender Screwfix Select

    The tracksaw I have is very expensive. Can't remember now, think around £500!

    Did see a plunge/track saw at Lidl at the weekend for £69?

    If its just the one you may be better off getting someone to do it for you unless you have more projects line up.

    I have used a planer for the bottom of the door, but need to be careful when coming off the end as there is a chance for the end grain to split, working from either end avoids this. Electric planer is going to be cheapest option.
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  13. AlvyChippy

    AlvyChippy Active Member

  14. CGN

    CGN Screwfix Select

    Lidl track saw is the way to go. Easy to make a mess with an electric plane if you haven't used one before.
  15. EdSlocombe

    EdSlocombe Member

    Will take a drive Lidl I reckon then :)
  16. DIYDave.

    DIYDave. Screwfix Select

    If your planning on future diy and looking at adding to your tool collection (you may have more doors to trim in future), you really cant beat this for quality versus price;

    SF own brand, yes - no spare parts available for these tools some will shout, comes with 2 year guarantee, only comes with 2x700mm tracks some will shout but, for most diy, 1.4m is fine (unless cutting 8x4 sheets down)but, other makes sell additional tracks which are compatible if your moving up to sheet material

    Supplied blade is fine for sheet material, solid wood doors, etc
    If veneered door, would upgrade to a Freud 40 tooth (minimum), around £20. Sounds corny but hot knife through butter scenario and a joy to use

    A well spent £130 believe me :)
  17. Jitender

    Jitender Screwfix Select

    Or cut through the cord, first time using one did just that :oops:
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  18. rogerk101

    rogerk101 Screwfix Select

    What's wrong with a good quality sharp hand saw (
    Not everything needs to be electric!
    I would:
    1. remove the door
    2. let them lay the carpet
    3. put the door back up with just a couple of screws to see how little needs to be taken off the bottom of the door
    4. mark the door
    5. remove the door
    6. cut the door, using my shiny new £14 saw
    7. sand the edges
    8. seal the fresh cut
    9. replace the door
    10. congratulate myself on a job done well, but more importantly, a job done simply and inexpensively
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  19. CGN

    CGN Screwfix Select

    Agree, and would usually advocate a good old handsaw myself.
    Difficult to gauge ops skill level though. He prob has one chance to do it right.

    Not so easy for a novice to take 5mm off the bottom of a hardwood door with a handsaw and get an even straight cut on both sides.
    Same with using a planer.

    I would say though that unless there are future jobs in the pipeline, then better to pay a chippy then paying for a plunge saw...although at about 60 quid, the lidl one comes close to swaying the argument.
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  20. Astramax

    Astramax Super Member

    It's far easier to mark out before the carpet is laid, carpet and underlay allowance in old money was 3/4" now 19/20mm, best mark out door for carpet thickness, cut off the required amount, let the fitters lay carpet and then re-hang a goodun!;)
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