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    I'm presently working on a kitchen supplied by Howdens and the customer is having Quartz worktops also from Howdens.

    I asked when will they be templating the worktops? surprisingly the answer was Howdens don;t template the fitters turn up on site with the quartz and cut and install the tops without templating, apparently 2 worktops and a breakfast bar are being delivered with the fitters.

    I am used to fitting the undermount sink etc ready for templating so that the worktops can be cnc machined with cut outs done drainer grooves done and all visible edges polished etc, I just don't see how this can be achieved on site sucessfully.

    Anyone had experience of Howdens on site quartz machining and fitting.

    Also worryingly Howdens mis measured a run by over 300mm so the customer had to go and get another 300mm base cab on Monday hopefully enough quartz will be supplied.
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    There is no need to CNC anything with Quartz tops. Everything can be done on site. This dosn't just apply to Howdens Quartz tops, but any Quartz tops. Have done it loads of times over the years myself, it just takes the correct tooling and a skill to do it.
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    Thanks for the reply yes not disputing it can be done on site with the correct tooling and dust extraction but I could get the same tops for this job from a specialist templated and fitted for the same cost or cheaper made to fit the uneaven walls which needs over 600 deep in places, long run in one piece instead of 2 due to limited length from Howdens and with almost invisible tight epoxy set joints.

    Since the original post I have found a YouTube video by howdens showing how to install quartz tops reccomending a silicone filled joint??

    Looking forward to seeing the finished product.
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    I recently did a Howdens kitchen (Nov 2020) including quartz worktops and their templating/installation service. Everything to do with the worktop was subcontracted out to PWS by Howdens. The templating guy was a bit grumpy but extremely competent. They allowed a week between template and installation which was done extremely well. Overall was an excellent job and actually worked out a bit less expensive than the budget figure I'd given to the customer based on previous experience with Sheridan.

    I have also done Quartz on site myself on a couple of previous jobs - end result very good but lot of work, high stress level and they are HEAVY. I'll go with the installation service again in future.
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    Been back to the job which has had quartz tops cut and fitted on site by Howdens to fit the tap and hob.

    I must say I'm not impressed or am I picky?

    The straight run has a joint due to supplied blanks standard length not long enough to do it in one piece the joint is almost 3mm wide and filled with silicone.

    corner joint where the top returns is almost 4mm wide and filled with silicone.

    Return joint top surfaces misaligned by around 1mm so there is a noticeable step when you pass a hand over it.

    Undermount sink cut out has tap hole central but sink not aligned with the cut out, this can be seen by misalignment of overflow and tap, checking overhang of cut out around bowl shows right hand side around 6mm left and side around 12mm so centralising sink to the cutout would line everything up but its siliconed into this position, although the silicone is intermittent along the front edge of the sink if you look under the worktop it can be seen that there are gaps in the silicone seal so water could pass into the base cab.

    The customer is not impressed either he was expecting a more professional finish and has spoken to Howdens who said they will send the installer back, no interest in coming to view the job.

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  6. cliffk

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    This is the type of joint I get in quartz from my specialist solid surface supplier

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