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Discussion in 'Kitchen Fitters' Talk' started by tomos, Mar 14, 2010.

  1. tomos

    tomos New Member


    Quick question when dealing with either Howdens or Magnet, what would be a good discount to aim for? Howdens have given me a quote with discounts ranging from 50 - 80%, but these still seem high, any guidance would gratefully accepted.


  2. G Brown

    G Brown New Member

    at least 75% MInimum!
  3. BlumBob Squarepants

    BlumBob Squarepants New Member

    price lists in howdens are pointless!never take the first price.
  4. tomos

    tomos New Member

    Thanks for the reply, when you say a minimum of 75% is that off their full price or another 75% off their discounted price,


  5. swarfiga

    swarfiga New Member

    hi tomos

    depending on what kitchen it is they have plenty of margin in certain kitchens
    especially glendevon they can go up to 85% on this kitchen.
    Never ever ever take the first price.
    Tell them a competitor has done it for a lot cheaper.
    Be warned you will never get a complete kitchen.
    i will be surprised if there isnt a mistake on the kitchen.
  6. pvcu_king

    pvcu_king New Member

    With Howdens, upto 85% on ranges like Glendevon can be done, but usually 70-80% is the norm. Thats just on units/panels/cornice/pelmet etc.

    Things like Appliances/Sinks/Taps & Worktops are usually a lower discount bracket.

    The complete kitchen comment - well that depends on which depot you use. I worked for them for years and the depots i ran had a 90% complete send rate and any shortages were delivered at most within a couple of days.

    However, i am aware some depots give really poor service.
  7. Joelp1

    Joelp1 New Member

    90% present is still 10% missing, which might be 10 items on a kitchen!
  8. pvcu_king

    pvcu_king New Member

    Yes, but not fit-critical components. The 10% would be worktops/handles/corcice/pelmet - usually the last things to go on and ususally didnt pose a problem.

    Of course there are occasion where things go breasts skywards - no-one's perfect.

    I dont work for them anymore and i've nothing to gain from clearing this up, there's just a lot of people in here who think they know the score who are not in a position to judge.
  9. russ295

    russ295 New Member

    worktops not critical?

    sometimes if all is going well and its a small kitchen i could have the tops fitted on day one.

    my local depot are pretty good at making sure i get 100% delivery's but there is still the odd occasion where there is a few bits missing.

    their prices are what is shocking at the minute.

    800 wall unit, first price £158, second £136, my mate who uses a different branch got a price for me £91?

    if i need something i always call and speak to someone that knows me, never get anything from the counter staff.


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