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    WillyEckerslike Well-Known Member - really good. Ready made units as are Howdens.

    Edit. An advantage of these over say IKEA is the service void at the back which not only allows for services (oddly enough) it also allows for some modification to scribe into a wall which isn't vertical. This is especially useful if the wall slopes backwards and you are governed by the width of the worktop.
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    I've only fitted DIY twice and liked the quality of them. Wouldn't say they were overwhelmingly better than Howdens though. I like that they come with the doors and feet fitted as it saves a little bit of time. I found all the internal shelves to be a few mm shy and wobbled a bit much though. For ease of ordering Howdens win hands down in my view. Just email it through and get a price the next day, or if passing can normally get a price within 10 mins. Found the DIY website laborious when I tried it and not really any cheaper overall.
    I would happily fit DIYs gear again, just wouldn't want the hassle of ordering it!
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    A lot of people use brackets rather than the Ikea rail so space can be as big as needed. I have on the floor cabs. One problem, I used the 6mm screws they supply for their brackets that clip on the rail but decent hefty brackets I found had 5mm holes so had to drill them out. Fitting easy, fasten to wall, spot through with a 5mm wood spur drill and fasten. Adding an upstand would increase the space even more. Limitation is the worktop width and o/hang. If there is a tall cabinet about they intend there to be next to no o/hang, just a few mm past the front of drawers etc. Looks odd otherwise.

    I haven't but going on the wall cabinets 2.5mm twin and earth could be run behind then as they are spaced off the wall. They do an infill strip for scribing to walls etc and bits for fixing them. ;) I couldn't find the things on their web pages but didn't really need them. Where I would need one for a tall cabinet up against a wall I corrected the wall as no space for a fill in.

    Takes under 10mins to assemble a cabinet etc with a bit of practice. More time later to add drawers and doors etc but pretty simple. ;) Not sure if that would appeal to a pro.

    Delivery date set when stuff is ordered

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    DIY Kitchens.

    Nothing to do with B&Q
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    Much better web site than Howdens. I'd guess that the screwfix man may fix that. Practicalities of use would still point me at Ikea. I like the fact that they are UK companies so maybe some pro's will ask them why they don't offer something like this. semi flat pack so can be set and possibly changed as needed.


    :D Shot straight from DIY land. Every time I want to do something I have to clear the worktops. I'm managed to get 3 of that style of cabinet in 2m in total. Can get an lot in them and no access problems. No gaps at all between them in one cupboard so added chest handles to them.

    LOL Gap in worktop. Hoping for some comments from pro's on gluing them. What they use etc.

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    You do have to spend £1000 before VAT though.
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