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Discussion in 'Kitchen Fitters' Talk' started by kiteboy, Nov 21, 2018.

  1. kiteboy

    kiteboy Member

    Hi not sure if somebody will be able to help with this

    We have built and installed the Howdens applicance tower and we need to get a double oven and microwave in the space now

    Ive followed the install guide and configured as in the manual for the above config

    Im hoping to buy a double oven on black friday as they are standard heights ~888mm or thereabouts and there is a slot in the appliance tower for this

    The problem in my mind is with the microwave - we have a slot of around 460mm for a microwave

    Now the problem is that the microwave we want is only 380mm so it doesnt fit essentially ...there will be a gap above it

    There is another microwave that is bigger and will go into the larger slot but its like £300 more. Thats a lot of extra for a solo microwave!

    Ive been to have a look in howdens and they have a small microwave but with large facia on the front so that kind of makes up the gap by the looks of it

    I have asked the guy in howdens but because we arent buying the appliances from there he sounded like he didnt want to help

    Anyway just hoping that somebody has some experience of this sort of issue - is it just a case of getting the larger microwave?

    Ive looked to see what microwaves howdens sell and they have a smaller 380mm one essentially the same (no massive facia too) - just cant see what im missing here - we have some iron on edging strip - maybe that is used somewhere - just guessing now

    Thanks all if you can help
  2. kitfit1

    kitfit1 Well-Known Member

    For a smaller height Microwave you use a downstand screwed from the shelf above the Microwave. Then buy a 110mm built under oven housing facia, rip it down to the required height, edge the cut edge and then with the cut edge above the Microwave glue the panel to downstand using Mitre Bond. Once the Mitre Bond has gone off, unscrew the downstand and remove it complete with the panel, then put a screw through each end of the downstand to give the panel a proper mechanical fixing. Screw the downstand back under the shelf, jobbie jobbed.
  3. kiteboy

    kiteboy Member

    Sorry about this DIY question - so when you say downstand - just any old piece of wood screwed to the front section of the cabinet so its flush with the existing carcass and then basically fit that facia to that - thats brill - been going over and over this one - thinking ive messed something up

    So will it look like a fake drawer or something do you think?? Not that I mind
  4. kitfit1

    kitfit1 Well-Known Member

    That's exactly what it will look like, only a bit smaller than a draw front. I'm assuming that the top opening door of the housing comes to just above the bottom of the shelf above the Microwave ?
  5. kiteboy

    kiteboy Member

    It will do yes thats right
    Howdens sent me the wrong doors for it to begin with so waiting to return what they sent and pick up a 390mm door for the top and a drawer for the bottom bit

    Thanks m8 appreciated - will go and see them tomorrow and see if they have a built under facia there I can buy
  6. kitfit1

    kitfit1 Well-Known Member

    It dosn't have to be a built under oven housing facia by the way, it can be a normal 600mm draw front................whichever is the cheapest.
  7. kiteboy

    kiteboy Member

    Fab - thanks again bloody going over and over it for ages and just couldnt see a way around it - so was looking at changing the oven size - this would be far far cheaper

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