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    Been trying to get our new kitchen finalised for 9 weeks now through Howdens using my mates account.
    Howdens are passing his discounts directly to us as he asked them to, hes fitting the kitchen. Making a simple change involves an email and then up to a week to get it changed. Howdens reckon there a bit short staffed at the moment. We have visited and sat down with the planners twice now and finally got the design we want. They still keep leaving out things or adding thing we dont need. Can anyone look at the below quote ? its minus appliances and granite worktops as we can source them elsewhere a lot cheaper. It seems a lot to me.

    Any help is very much appreciated
    Howdens Quote Prices 1.jpg Howdens Quote Prices 2.jpg Howdens Quote Prices 2.jpg
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    I'm gonna put you on a downer now mate, I personally can't stand Howdens. For starters do the very quick math, if it's nearly 260 quid for 4 base unit end panels(!?) with an 81% discount that means full price they're well over a grand. Just for end panels alone??? In that case if they charged you full price your kitchen would be tens of thousands, it's just not humanly possible that even a halfwit would pay it.

    When I renovated and fitted my better half's 3m by 2.6m kitchen (10 units, 2x3m lengths worktop, all ancilliaries etc) Howdens did exactly the same as you described, adding things not needed on, not listening to what I told them about certain boxings, pipes and reveals affecting unit space, over a week to get changes to order implemented, the list goes on. I checked the estimate, £342 for a four drawer base unit(?) I was told that I was lucky as that without my 70% discount it would be over a thousand pound :D, the employee told me that without the soft close hinges the unit would cost £112. I'm all for making a profit as I'm self employed myself but let's not take the mick eh? I should point out that I advised her against Howden, but she went for them as they were on the doorstep.

    In my opinion Lamona which is their favoured own brand is absolute cack, cheaply made and not built to last, check the worktops before you fit for any warp or bow, as have come across this issue several times with them over the years, do not use a 1000mm wide wall unit as they always always sag because of the span, and take the cornice and pelmet with it: have two 500 units side by side instead.

    In their defence their reps are helpful and quick to try to rectify a complaint, but then they're commission based so you'd imagine them to be.

    I would look at sourcing bare carcasses from a different supplier and then ordering the doors and end panels separate, you should save yourself considerably if you have the patience.
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    Never had a problem with Howdens myself. If I remember tomorrow :confused: I might price up a couple of items on your list to see if you're getting a fair discount. I think I know where this is leading though!
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    On another forum we were advised to try Masterclass Kitchens. So we visited a masterclass kitchen supplier in our area. The kitchens are far better quality than H*****s.
    We took our design he looked over it and made a couple of changes which H*****s should have done. It was a lot easier experience than H*****s as well.
    He explained things in better detail and has promised to get back to us in a couple of days with a quote. We hope its within our budget, ill keep you posted.
  6. Working On It

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    Howdens are 1 of the worst traders I've ever dealt with, if you can go in and pick it and take it away, you may be okay, but if you are relying on them to design, pick and deliver a whole kitchen you are going to be disappointed, Magnets are the same. No longer deal with either any more as there were too many issues almost daily.

    Good Luck
  7. Jord86

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    Just had another quick look, £211.68 for 6no 2.4m lengths of cornice/pelmet?????? WITH an 82% discount???

    Either their computer is malfunctioning, they have employed a simpleton to do the quotations or they are trying to bend you over. Possibly a blend of all three.
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  9. Dr Bodgit

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    "Anyone looking for a kitchen really should consider their options and come into see us at Benchmarx within Travis Perkins."

    Aren't Howdens also part of the Travis Perkins group?

    I'd stay away from TP completely, utter rip off merchants (although Wickes isn't bad and they're TP too).
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    Had 2 kitchens with Howdens and prices have really good, low.
  11. Keith Whatling

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    I'm going to Howdens at the weekend to look around, I would have thought that the percentage numbers are the inverse of the discount for example 80% is not 80% off the price, but the price at 80% so 20% discount for the item.

    If they try and BS me that I'm getting 80% off I'll walkout on general principal!
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    I've thought for the last two years that their prices have risen sharply, not keen on lamona appliances, better brands can be had cheaper online, and LED lighting can be had at half the price.
    Granite worktops, forget it, get an independent in to supply and fit, bigger choice, 10mm thicker and slightly cheaper.
    BUT, they are a very efficient machine, huge stock and if somethings missing or wrong they can often sort it out on the spot or if not within days, I actually quite like them, very easy to use and they do guarantee to match or beat any local price, there is scope to barter with them. Overall, I've used Magnet in the past but will stick with Howdens for the time being.
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    Well I'm going to be looking at kitchens soon and was thinking Howdens... not anymore.

    Can anyone recommend a alternative?
    Don't want a real cheapo,probably middle range price
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  15. kevino

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    I'm in Norfolk, there is a wikes nearby...
    Thanks will check them out
  16. Yam4

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    Have a look at these are my local supplier that Supply all over the country. Had about 30 kitchen of them, Excellent quality units and fittings. They can also supply worktops and appliances, look at their site and you can go on a virtual tour of the show room , You can Price kitchen yourself using their online estimater it's a doddle
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