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Discussion in 'Kitchen Fitters' Talk' started by cliffk, Nov 28, 2018.

  1. cliffk

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    I am fitting a Howdens kitchen for a customer I've no idea what the range is called the customer ordered it I am just fitting.

    First of all since I last fitted a Howdens kitchen they have changed the leg types and unfortunately the mounting holes in the cabinet base are drilled wrong so when fitted the leg base flange does not overlap onto the edge of the cabinet side panel, this removes the support that the leg base provides for the side panel and all the downward load is only supported by the dowels, not a structurally good idea.
    I also have a problem with the doors on a L shaped wall unit, I have the filler piece fixed to one door but with that door closed the other door contacts the filler piece and wont allow the door to close, I cannot adjust the hinges any more to get the door to miss the filler piece. Any one else had this problem?

    The range is a painted wood paneled door
  2. kitfit1

    kitfit1 Well-Known Member

    It's not unusual for Howdens L shaped corner wall units to be completely the wrong size. From memory, i think they are supposed to be 630x630 ? The last one we fitted a few years ago was at least 4mm undersize. Measure the cab itself and look at the the spec size in Howdens catalogue..............i'm guessing they are different.
  3. barbaricduck

    barbaricduck Member

    631mm and 931mm for the corresponding base. Never had probs with their corner units and fitted two this week ok. But I don't fit s lot of their corner cabs to be honest.
    I know what you are saying re the cabinet legs. They are not drilled wrong in Howdens eyes, none of them overlap the vertical cabinet sides now. I used to position them so they would overlap also. Don't like the new style legs personally. Don't think they needed to be changed. Also don't like the holes at the backs of the base cabs to adjust them.
  4. Mblack

    Mblack Member

    Have you put the corner post right way up?
  5. cliffk

    cliffk New Member

    Yes the corner post fits to one door and is the same dimension which ever way you use it so cannot be fitted wrong, I have decided that as there is some iron on edging supplied with the job in door colour I am going to rip around 3mm off the edge of the corner post and re edge it that will give me the clearance I need.

    Leg housings! as a qualified engineer in a previous life it is common sense to me that the flange on the leg housing should be supporting the end panel, everyone else cant be wrong.
    Agree the holes in the base panel are a waste of time its not difficult to reach the back legs to adjust them.
    Do like the collar part way up the leg, if floors are being tiled etc after the kitchen is fitted I always use a 12mm ply packer under the leg or most of the leg base gets lost behind the flooring giving little support for the plinth, the New howdens legs with the collar part way up avoid this problem, probably the only advantage.

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