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    I am about to order a Howden kitchen. The pesos at howdens keeps saying I need to order and take delivery by 22nd Dec as the prices go up. Do you know if this is true?

    A builder has told me I can order through his account but I pay howdens. Is the price they quote the final price or can they apply a discount?

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    Well, you've just missed the super duper October deals, which is when they discount most heavily, the prices will go up at the end of the month, but I have a sneaking
    suspicion that if you wandered into their showroom in January holding your chequebook (does anyone still use those), they'll say "I've just spoken to the manager, we shouldn't really do this but we'll give you last years price"

    The builder can and will have a 'mark up' which Howdens wont disclose to you, personally, I ask them to put £100 - £150 on the quote depending on the price of the kitchen. If you've had a quote, and not tried bartering, you will get at least a further 10% off if you walk in there and say it's too expensive, 15% if you push.

    Also. get a quote from Wickes or B & Q, if it's cheaper, Howdens claim to beat any local price, but they start from a high point. Not my favourite type of business model if I'm honest.
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    They will tell you black is white in order to make a sale, they will also fight tooth and nail to make a sale. Get other quotes and compare. If you don't have a 'trade account' with them they will shaft you, hence why it's usually best to get your builder/fitter to order the kitchen via their account.
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