I’ve been quoted £5K for 6rooms, 2 wcs, shower room and kitchen. Is this right?

Discussion in 'Job Talk' started by dejacam, Apr 25, 2019.

  1. chippie244

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    Trevor is on fire tonight, good job it's all being logged for the police files :)
  2. Ben48

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    Well I apologize for my confusement, Its not so much I am questioning paving experts 100mm mot sub base, just I don't understand why pavingexpert says a min of 4" and then he says you can go to 6" to a random bloke with basic DIY knowledge its not really an firm answer I can understand fully, its easier when its just one answer if you get me !

    If jord or anyone else posted use 6" scalpings for a stronger base to be honest it would have been gold and answered my post question, that is why I got confused if people are saying have a better base its easier just to tell a newbie yes use 6inches or more etc

    I do appreciate and thank the knowledge and wisdom of the solid posters in here then half the builders ive been quoted for in the past, half of them are holding a can of Guinness while they quote me.
  3. Jord86

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    I'll apologise to you now for the way it came across and my misinterpretation, but in defence what Sospan said is spot on, you have to see it from our point of view, not you personally, but the amount of people that ask advice on the forum then when all has been said and done and a load of members have given advice the person who asks for help in the first place disregards all the advice given(wasting a lot of time/inclination) it's a good old kick in the knackers for the people who've attempted to help. A good few of them even come back later on asking for more advice to sort out their mess that they created from not taking advice in the first place. So it does get a tad wearing, but granted, I should have more patience.
  4. Ben48

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    Its quite ok, I think I get the jist of it the thing I am trying to do is work out depths and levels to kinda DIY perhaps but something like a drive way it really does need checking properly and letting a builder or paver get it right properly, its a risk otherwise !

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