I hate silicon

Discussion in 'Plumbers' Talk' started by OllyUK, Dec 7, 2008.

  1. OllyUK

    OllyUK Member

    Have just refitted the bathroom (Well started in halfterm, but due to tiles taking ages to turn up I have only just finished) thankyou everyone for their help.

    The one thing that I can never get to look professional is the bl**dy silicon around the bath. I always prepare for ages, masking tape everywhere tools at the ready bucket of water and loads of cloths and tissue, But still I always get a ***ked up area or two. The rest o fthe bathroom looks excellent just the silicon is ****.
  2. sinewave

    sinewave Screwfix Select

    Got any pictures to post up?

    A good Fu*k up is always good for a laugh! ;)
  3. HOTDOG ø

    HOTDOG ø Active Member

    I can do silicon and I'm no pro!

    Don't use masking tape.

    Cut nozzle to the right size, apply in one long even bead.

    Spray with soapy water. ( this stops excess sticking when you smooth it out)

    Smooth with wet finger or fugenboy.

    If you have to clean up any while you are working use Gorilla wipes or similar.

    Job done ;)
  4. tomplum

    tomplum Active Member

    serves you right, pay some one to do it you tight git :)
  5. mantor

    mantor New Member

    Cut nozzle to the right size, apply in one long even bead.

    That's the most importantest bit I reckon, you're probably cutting too much off the nozzle. Keep it tiny, and wet (not spit) your finger and run it in. Doddle
  6. G Brown.

    G Brown. New Member

    Agree with above and the more you play with it the worse it gets.
  7. ThreadJacker

    ThreadJacker Active Member

    Some silicones are easier to smooth than others, always use mould resistant.

    Everbuild Forever White is a nightmare to get smooth as it just wrinkles up, I use normal Everbuild mould resistant silicone and as Hotdog says you need the silicone wipes to moisten your finger for a nice clean bead. ;)
  8. Simon J

    Simon J New Member

    Forget masking tape, it's not worth the bother. Most silicone problems are related to too much being applied.
  9. Fill the bath with cold water first. It stops the silicone peeling off along the edges later on.
  10. Refurb Bob

    Refurb Bob New Member

    When it comes to applying silicon - LESS is MORE!

    If you've put too thin a bead on, you can always go over it again.
    Put too much on in one go and you've a **** up on your hands (literally).

    And with a thin bead you shouldn't need to faff about with masking tape!

  11. Crowsfoot

    Crowsfoot Screwfix Select

    I hate to admit it but Joiners are the bees knees when it comes to applying it.
    One smooth aplication and it's done perfect (no fingers needed).
    I'm not usually too bad but I usually get one bit that I'm not happy with and once I get my fingers in anything from there on in can happen to it.
    I know of a plumber who never smoothes it off he leaves it proud claiming you get a better water seal.
    He gets it equal and produces a kind of welded effect with the mastic gun.
  12. Planet Niton

    Planet Niton Member

    ...if someone could invent a silicon that's easier to apply, there would definitely be a market for it!!! Are any brands available in smaller tubes? The large tubes seem to make a wobble more likely...
  13. imran_

    imran_ New Member

    Buy a profiler. It's the only way to get a good clean line. My Fugen-*** is the dogs.
  14. bathroom boy

    bathroom boy New Member

    It's a knack, the more you do it the better you become, I have a set of fugens but never use em now.
  15. Simon J

    Simon J New Member

    I agree with bathroom boy, I've got a fugi-thing, don't really use it now, I find a good finger works better! (oooh errr!)
  16. doing a bit

    doing a bit New Member

    i have been using plastic packers cut into several widths, apply silicone ,smooth down with wet finger then go over with plastic packer to cut out excess and then re wet and smooth with finger again, as said practice makes perfect
  17. tightenit

    tightenit New Member

    I did read somewhere that putting your finger on silicon and wetting it in your mouth can cause tongue cancer.Best to use as little as possible and take your time. It's a visual that customers can see, and can either make or break an otherwise decent job for appearance sake.
  18. I'm With Stupid

    I'm With Stupid New Member

    I like a good finger too.

    IWS: Information With a Smile :)
  19. ponty01.

    ponty01. New Member

    Must agree, the more you do it the better you become. Obviously working against smooth edges helps, but when working against a rough edge (like the joint between window frames and brick work) then it is a little more difficult, and even fugenboys are not much help in that situation.

  20. dryliner essex

    dryliner essex New Member

    dont use your finger just watch the pros they use small bits of wood and make a brill job of it,soppy water

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