I need an investigatory plumber for this one!

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    I should say I've contacted my local councillor and he's checking with the EH why they can't just have a word with the neighbours in question and ask to check some things. This week I will also contact my landlord who will be back from holiday, so I'm not just sitting around watching the neighbours, lol.
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    Well, my side neighbour has been away for about 4 days so far and I've slept most of the night, not been woken by intense vibration. The outflow pipe from his bathroom (and possibly the bathroom of the person beneath him also, is dripping constantly).

    2 possibilities: His use of water in the early hours was causing the vibration to become intense and wake me up OR there was a plumber in the ground floor flat beneath him recently (I thought I saw one) and they've adjusted something when the new people moved in there (because I'm still getting mild vibration, but it's now at the level where I think most people would not pay attention to it, and I wouldn't have except that it's been far worse).

    If there's a return of the vibration when my side neighbour returns, I have my answer as to where it's coming from. From there I can act. Also I have a friend coming to stay in early november, so I'll get my witness.
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    Well I spoke too soon.
    Woken by intense vibration at 6.30 this morning. Side neighbour still showing no signs of being home, car not in car park.
    Guessing it must be the new person on the ground floor beneath him. I think I saw someone leaving for work at 7.30am. I'm not

    Why more intense today than the rest of the week, no idea. It was very cold last night, so maybe they turned a thermostat up, or maybe
    it's the PRV that allows water into the building...but why worse today...

    Anyway, do you guys think I should now ask my landlord to contact their landlord? Or wait until side neighbour gets back and see if I'm getting
    worse vibration once he's back. It's his outflow pipe that's leaking, not the downstairs one.
  4. Rache

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    Correction, side neighbour's window is now open, so someone must have been in. Not sure about this morning though.
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    Perhaps a pyschiraist might be more helpful than a plumber?
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  6. Rache

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    Because it's a complex problem with no easy solution? So it has to be mental?

    At least learn to spell psychiatrist if you're going to criticise. It loses it's punch otherwise.
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    Ok, one very tangible bit of info tonight. But it's not the whole answer.

    It looks like the estate agent has left the bathroom fan on in the flat beneath me (the one I least suspect atm), and I can hear a humming and there's a buzzing type vibration under my feet and through my legs as I sit at the desk.

    It's obviously one cause of a vibration, but it's not the main one I'm having trouble with I'm sure, for a start, usually that fan and bathroom light are not on and the flat has been vacant for some time.

    That said, is there anything that can be done about a bathroom fan, it's built into the walls /ceiling, or is it something that I'd just have to put up with?

    thanks for reading
  8. It all comes down to what is considered reasonable.

    If you live in flats then you need to expect some level of noise transmission.

    How much each person can cope with comes down, I guess, to (a) what their physiological sensitivity is (hope I spelt that right :)) and (b) their level of tolerance/reasonableness.

    Ie some folk would consider any level of unwanted noise an unacceptable intrusion, whilst others are accepting of this as part of the 'deal'.

    It's hard - impossible - for us to determine this on here, hence my suggestion you really need a witness.
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  9. Rache

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    thanks, I meant can anything be done with those types of fans usually...adjusted, that sort of thing...

    I have a friend coming in Nov.
  10. Yes, if they have timers to keep them running after they've been switched on (to clear the air after a shower or, er, other things), the time duration can be adjusted.

    However, if the time is reduced too much, this could cause issues such as condensation in the bathrooms which the owners will not be prepared to accept.

    Again, it'll come down to what level of noise is considered reasonable and acceptable.
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  11. Rache

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    Understand. It's the lesser problem, though at last I've found something tangible that's vibrating, lol.

    I was thinking more in terms of what can go wrong with the fans, rather than it having to be turned down because of preference.....but let's see what my friend says in November. Or perhaps I can get my landlady here for a few hours before then. This fan is not the main cause of vibration, there is something else that's more of a problem than this. I might even be noticing this only because of the other problem.
  12. I guess they do quite often go wrong in terms of generating excessive noise - the bearings will often fail after a few years and become rumbly/harsh.
  13. Rache

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    No need anyone reply - just in case this is useful info to help guess what might be going on:

    Now that there's been a change around of neighbours, it's very clear that the 4.30am vibrations, which go on till 6.30, coincide with my side neighbour's movements and going out to work. There is then a milder vibration (which I can live with) an hour later, which I suspect is from the people under my side neighbour.

    So I think usage of water is part of this, but not all because there was vibration at midnight last night when I went to bed also.

    Heating and Usage of water.....and side neighbour....that's where I've landed in my guesses today, lol
  14. Hi Rache.

    Are you saying that the vibes were continuous from 4.30 to 6.30?
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  15. BMC2000

    BMC2000 Screwfix Select

    Stick up a video of it and the times. Figuring out something like this over a message board is madness though!
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  16. Rache

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    Devils' Advocate....no, intermittent, bearing in mind I was also half asleep. But the last few weeks it's completely woken me, and then I've known for sure it's intermittent....

    That's the side neighbour either up, or about to get up, he leaves at 6.20 - 6.30am. I asked him one day if he'd been using water and he said yes, he said the vibration 'will be the water going through the immersion.' He said it as if it were something normal...

    A couple of times there's been vibration during the day at weekends, just before my side neighbour goes out to the pub. he's playing music in his bathroom beforehand, you can tell because it's fairly loud.

    Making me think it's his use of water that is partly an explanation.....

    AND I have a day off today and was lying on the bed and noticed a burst of vibration. I then heard what sounded like a tap being turned off (the bathroom taps in these flats are fairly noticeable that way and walls are thin). Thing is side neighbour is at work, but the neighbour beneath him has just gone out. The only other person present.

    So, more and more I'm wondering if it's something to do with water pressure, maybe made worse sometimes at night by someone's water heater, but how I don't know. I'm going to ask side neighbour if he would mind having a plumber check the water pressure, at my expense. If he agrees we'll go from there......if nothing is found, I will ask my landlord to speak to the landlord for the lower flat (I don't want to disturb the new tenants unnecessarily).

    Thanks for listening and I'll welcome any other ideas. (this seems a bit clearer now that there are new tenants beneath my side neighbour, because they have different movements/times to him, so easier to see where it might be coming from. the previous tenants were virtually identical to my side neighbour in terms of times leaving and coming home, etc)
  17. Rache

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    Agree it's madness. I've never been in this situation before and it's not been easy to talk to the neighbours. The previous tenant for one of the flats was very obviously unfriendly for a long time (others commented on it), strong body language of 'don't talk to me.' My side neighbour shows no interest in this issue despite being friendly (and I find that a little suspicious, normally friendly people would ask if you've managed to find out what it is, etc, but he doesn't seem to want to know, and I haven't kept on about it. Here I have, but not with the neighbours). He's also never home, except late at night and is out again at 6.30am, so it's hard to catch him.

    The landlord for the flat beneath me didn't bother responding to any communication, which was just a request to check taps, etc, right at the beginning. This landlord is one of the main reasons for a whole year passing with no help. Fortunately now I've pretty much ruled out downstairs apart from their bathroom fan, but it's a lesser problem and I don't think it'll bother me at all if the main problem is solved.

    It has been a crazy situation, I'm prepared to move now, but I think with the new neighbours arriving, I might be in a position to isolate where it's coming from and my landlord will support me in communicating with the neighbours.

    It did make me laugh though, your suggestion to video 'it.' lol. A vibration. All you'll get is a very sleepy me saying 'here is is again folks,' and a dark room, lol.....sorry....it has driven me crazy. :-D
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    It sounds like its due to a flow of water in the pipes and you know sometimes with an old tap you can get the thing to vibrate when water at high pressure is being throttled back? Well like that...
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  19. BMC2000

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    Exactly... If it's mad to post a video, it's even more mad trying to describe it. At least with the video there'll be sound and vision.
  20. Rache

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    This seems to be what's happening...now it's just a case of convincing the side neighbour, and if necessary, the landlord for the flat below him, to have a plumbing check.

    and if that fails, I move. But I would imagine a plumber will find something because it's pretty intense.
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