I need an investigatory plumber for this one!

Discussion in 'Plumbers' Talk' started by Rache, Nov 19, 2016.

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    I'm not trying to describe it, I'm trying to work out which flat is the source.
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    The source, for those interested, appears to be my side neighbour. I'm confident of that now. Differences in movement between two neighbours (now that one is new) has made it clear. Why it's happening I don't know, but it's my side neighbour that's leaving 30 - 45 mins after the vibration in the mornings atm. Someone else just laid into him about his music, so I'm leaving it for a while before talking to him.
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    Guys...I'm probably just being a little anxious...but I was just in the bedroom, preparing for bed, and my own water heater made 4 knocking noises, I'm guessing because something is 'expanding' in it, as the light has come on to heat up the water....

    Since all the vibration (above), I've always kept my water heater off and just used the quick immersion in the mornings, so that I could be sure the vibration was not coming from me, but now that I'm sure of where it's coming from (next door), I've started to use the heater that heats it for 2 hours in the afternoon and then 5 hours overnight.

    But this knocking sounds is unnerving....Anything I need to worry about? I sleep right next to it, I'm not concerned with the sound, just safety. (and sorry if I'm over worrying, I've no idea about their safety, it was recently looked at by a plumber that seemed very knowledgeable and skilled, but that's all I know. The pipe coming out of the top of it is hot too, not excessively hot, but I never used to be aware of that pipe getting hot). Thanks.
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    I've turned it off in any case. :)

    Sorry if I sound a nutcase after all the vibration talk above, but it's because of all that I learned about these unvented things blowing up, and now it's making noises. Perhaps that's normal but I've had the thing off for so long I'm not used to it. :eek::D
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    If its a banging or knocking sound I'd say it's kettling. Just like with some kettles when you turn them on.
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    Thanks Dr Bodgit, I've just had a look on You Tube, and it's suggesting that too. I'll go sleep in there then...lol (yes I will let the landlord know) :)
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    You've got a very hot heating element against cold water, so it's making steam bubbles I think.
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    Thanks Dr Bodgit.
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    Update re vibration. I'm going to speak to my landlady tomorrow, she's been very ill and hence hasn't called.

    In the meantime I've noticed a few things. Firstly, going back to the vibration and humming at my mum's (which she and visitors are aware of but because it's only in the lounge and shortlived, doesn't bother anyone), it happens whenever the hot tap is turned on, and sometimes for a time after the tap has been switched off. Sometimes it happens also when the heating is turned on. She has gas central heating, so the boiler is linked to that.

    But here's the thing, it's virtually identical to what I hear in the walls and feel in my floor in terms of vibration. This tells me that it's going to be when my side neighbour is using hot water, or when the water is being heated up.

    And I've noticed another thing. My electric storage heaters start making noises around 10.40pm, and at the same time there's a burst of vibration in the floor. Now I know that the electric heaters are not doing this, but I'm wondering if the electric surge or whatever, is also affecting my neighbour's water heater at this time....something to do with economy 7? Also I get woken at 6.40 am by vibration.

    So, it's making me think it's to do with use of hot water, and the tank filling up again? And the heating of water in the tank.

    Does any of this point to what the problem might be? I'm going to get my landlady to have a word with the neighbour, but in the meantime I'm just curious, because it's been a long time understanding what was going on and it's taken the moving of two neighbours to isolate which flat it's coming from. Thanks
  10. I don't think this helps much, Rache - your mum has gas (excuse me!) and you have leccy?

    Both can cause 'kettling' noises similar to wot a kettle does as Bodge says, but everything else - from this side of the screen - is speculation.

    I really think we are at the point of someone else having to actually hear it and make a diagnosis or educated guess.
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  11. Dr Bodgit

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    Per DA, I can think of a couple of things it might be, but it does need an investigatory plumber on site.

    If its to do with hot water, it must be either to do with the use of the water or the heating of the water. Water flow, heating elements, pumps can all make this kind of sound.
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    Thanks Devils Advocate and Dr Bodgit

    Yes our flats are electric and my mum's is gas.

    Dr Bodgit, can it be both the use and the heating of water? My mum's seems to be both...? From my description of my mum's, does that point to anything?

    Just wondering because the vibration sensation and rumbling in the walls is identical, just much more intense at my flat and across my whole floor (bearing in mind my flat is not much bigger than my mum's kitchen and living room).

    I know we need someone on site. Hopefully I'll have my landlady speak to the neighbour in the next week or two and also get her plumber in (she doesn't seem to use anyone else). As for a witness, the new tenant downstairs is really friendly and 'normal' lol, the previous ones weren't, they hardly spoke. So I would feel comfortable asking her if she would mind popping upstairs to mine if the vibration started intensely one evening.
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    The reason to speculate at this point is that my landlady will have to talk to the neighbour, and will need some idea of what she thinks might be wrong and what needs checking.

    What I'm wondering is if the vibration is under my floor, is it our problem or the neighbour's? If it's coming from something on his boiler / water heater then I would imagine it's his issue, if it's due to loose piping under my floor, then it becomes my landlady's issue.....but that's mainly why I'm speculating, because she will have to talk to him and unless she's clear, nothing will happen, because he's not aware of any problem and will start chatting about the weather and everything else, which has happened before when I've tried.
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    It's freezing here, was freezing over night, and the vibration was worse than ever.

    It's also going now, during the day. I get the impression it happens when water heats up during the economy 7 hours (cheap rate), when people are using the hot water and more so when it gets colder....At this time of day the economy 7 switches on too.

    so has to be a water heating function. I'll be speaking to my landlady tonight anyway.

    It can't be a heater because the heaters are electric here.
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    Please someone tell me that his water heater will break down totally if 'turned up.' It's been two years, how long can they continue when faulty?
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    Just an update for those who were wondering.

    I've got the proof I need. My friend stayed over for a seminar in my town and he was disturbed in the early hours by the vibration. He's absolutely fuming that I've had to put up with this for 2 years, as is another friend who's too far away to help....yet. He has reported it to my local council and they called me back. They've told me with this proof and with the other evidence which all points to the same flat, plus the resident's reluctance to help or even talk about it, they have the power to insist on entering the property to ascertain what is causing the problem.

    They've told me to keep a diary over christmas, and should I have any problems they will make contact with that person in the new year.

    Amazing what can happen when you have back up.

    Keep us posted, Rache :)

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