I need an investigatory plumber for this one!

Discussion in 'Plumbers' Talk' started by Rache, Nov 19, 2016.

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    Thanks. EH has told me even if they witnessed it themselves, unless we know where it comes from they could not question the neighbours! I have a really hyper friend who could come and stay, no way would he put up with it, he'd be banging on doors at 3am, lol. He has no boundaries. The only thing is I'm too exhausted to have him over, lol, he's hard work, but he'd be perfect for this. Maybe soon.

    The economy 7 thing seems likely...

    The overflow pipes are no longer leaking out water (one was gushing, the flat beneath me, but has been solved now after I complained) - as you say unlikely to cause a prolonged hum though...

    I don't think the flats have a roof top reservoir, I think the water comes straight up from the ground (the flats are only 2 floors high)...

    Re in-flat booster pumps, as you say makes no sense that they would be running at night...

    So to me, the only thing that rings true is something to do with water heating using cheap rate electric.

    In a week or two the downstairs neighbours will have moved out, that will mean only one adjoining flat is occupied (my side neighbour). I'll see what happens then.
  2. Rache

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    The only other weird thing I might add....but it's weird even for me, lol...

    The lady who lived downstairs from me (who's since passed away), was very friendly and I used to go down for a cup of tea, etc, ....well one day she got really excited and told me to 'quick' sit over on her sofa, 'quick, you'll miss it, I want to see if you notice something.' Well, I went over and sat on the sofa and I felt a vibration coming up through it. I told her and she was like 'Thank God I've got a witness, no one's believed me!'

    We talked about it and she said she'd phoned the water board, told the council, no one believed her and she had no witnesses. I didn't think much of it at the time, it was years ago, but I said I'd be a witness for her. But then she replied that no one will know where it's coming from anyway and it wasn't disturbing her in any other room, only in the living room and only occasionally.

    It was a tiny, localised vibration. But sometimes I wonder about it these days....something under the ground that's got worse....lol

    On that note I'll sign off unless there is a development worth sharing.
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  3. Dr Bodgit

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    I might have mentioned this before but... water kettling?
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    Thanks Dr Bodgit, I'll go back and revisit what you wrote :)
  5. Rache

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    Brief update: 2 out of the 3 adjoining flats are now empty. My side neighbour on my level is the one who is in. On Sundays nights the vibration happens earlier than 1am, it's happening now, his lights have been out for a while now (he gets up very early for work), so obviously I don't want to disturb him.....but interested in thoughts now that his is the only flat occupied? (and he did say he has a noisy boiler)

    I've asked the landlord for downstairs if they would switch their boiler completely off in between tenants, so I could completely rule them out as the cause of the noise. Unfortunately, that landlord has been the one that has ignored this whole thing right from the start and is not responding to me now. If they'd assist me it would make this whole thing easier, but for now it's guesswork. With 2 flats empty and only one occupied, surely it's got to be the occupied one? What are the odds?
  6. Devil's Advocate

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    Hmm, it would certainly be ideal if the LL switched off the system between tenants, but there's no suggestion that he/she has done.

    I'm guessing the heating system is pretty automated with everything on timers. If the LL reckons they'll get new tenants in quickly, I doubt they'd bother shutting these things off.

    So, guesswork, sadly :(
  7. Rache

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    Thanks Devil's Advocate.

    Well kind of a weird situation yesterday. I went to bed monday night, couldn't sleep, finally went to sleep at 2am, got woken up at 4.30am with the bed vibration, then it continued on and off intermittently until about 6.20 when I decided to go out and see if any lights were on in that empty flat downstairs (the one I've asked for the water heater to be switched off).

    No lights on, all curtains open and as it's on the ground floor, it was obvious to me it was empty (I wasn't being too nosy, but a quick glance on the ground floor when curtains all wide open showed light running right through the place, it was empty. I already knew it was empty but the scientist in me wanted to confirm it).

    As I returned to my own flat, my next door neighbour came out to go to work (his were the only lights on as well). I asked him if he knew of anything that might have been vibrating and he just said 'it'll be water running through the pipes and going through the immersion.' He kind of said it as if it were something that has to be tolerated, but I'm not sure. He was not at all forthcoming in the way I'd expect a neighbour to be, in the sense of asking questions, or 'is it happening now, shall I come in and listen,' that sort of thing. He then went on to talk about a parking problem that's annoying him (nothing to do with me) and that he's got his sky satellite (? I'm technically inept I guess, can anyone shed light on that?) trained on the area. I feel sorry for him for the problems he's having on that score but it's nothing I can do anything about, I don't have a car at the moment, and it was 6.20am, I didn't have to be up until 8, and had a long commute and 12 hours of work in front of me. I got home at 9pm that Tuesday night after 2 hours sleep the night before.

    I'm puzzled by my neighbour's reaction, both this time and other times. He talks about other stuff, but since I've brought this issue up, even though I'm doing it politely and friendly, and with an open mind (no blaming as no idea if it's from his flat), he seems to shut down and not talk about it, or say as little as possible on the issue.

    He is the one who says his water heater is noisy, but as I said before it would have to cross his living room before reaching my flat and then do a 90 degree turn to run across my living room. His bathroom is closer though. He's always been a nice, friendly neighbour, but has appeared to have shut down since I've asked about the vibration. I'm aware this could all be speculation though..
  8. Devil's Advocate

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    I presume he's a tenant too, and not a flat-owner? In which case it shouldn't be an issue for him if he does have noisy plumbing - it's for the LL to sort out.

    As for the 'Sky satellite' stuff, that's just scary...
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    no, he's an owner...most of us are tenants but he owns. He did say it's a lot of money to get a new water heater and for the moment someone has replaced the valve or something.

    and I thought the sky satellite thing was to do with his sky tv box or something, lol.

    He's always been a nice neighbour, just seems to have shut down over this. I have asked once before but I'm actually a gentle, quiet person, and friendly. I'm no threat to anyone, so I don't think it's that.
  10. Dr Bodgit

    Dr Bodgit Well-Known Member

    The sound starting at 4.30 could coincide with when your neighbour would want to start heating his hot water if he's getting up at 5.30 to be out for 6.20. Seems a bit suspicious to me.
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    lol, yes I'm just trying to piece together all the elements of this puzzle. Interesting you're thinking the same way...

    I'll probably move soon. If I do I'll post here to say I'm out of it now, you'll all get some peace!
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    No need for any reply necessarily, I'm only posting this in case it makes any sense to anyone.

    The neighbour mentioned above returned home from work about 10 mins ago. The vibration has now started. Perhaps he's using water? But it's fairly constant. It does suggest its coming from him though as the other two adjoining flats are still empty and it's a bit of a coincidence it's happening now he's arrived home.

    I'm not up for pestering him right now. I don't think he's interpreting it as just trying to find out what it is, I think he might be interpreting it as blame, even though I've been careful to say that I'm not sure where it's coming from and wonder if he could help. My landlady is away at the moment also, but I'll probably get her to speak to him when she's back.
  13. Devil's Advocate

    Devil's Advocate Well-Known Member

    I suspect he's simply interpreting it as ££££s.

    He's bought the flat, has already mentioned how much the heaters cost to replace, is clearly reluctant to fork that amount out, and is worried he'll be obliged to do so if his system is causing disturbance.

    He's probably fully aware of the noise being generated, but it's a noise that he's happy to live with for the moment.

    This situation still comes down to just how intrusive this noise actually is. It might be that's it's a level of noise that's fully acceptable by most folk. Again, I'm not suggesting that you are being pernickety, Rache, but we simply don't know if you are particularly - unusually - sensitive to low frequency sounds.

    Some folk simply hear sounds that others do not. My wife hears low frequency hums from 'outside' during the night, and I haven't a clue what she's on about. And my hearing is actually pretty good. I said, MY HEAR...

    Keep us posted, Rache, but I'm struggling to know what to suggest - until someone else hears the sound and confirms that it's unacceptable.
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    Thanks. I was just curious if people thought it could be this neighbour from my description of what's happening.

    If I feel confident about where it's likely to be coming from, I'll feel more confident about tackling it. My landlady said similar to you Devil's Advocate (about the money issue), and I was telling her that we don't know for sure yet if it's him, but all evidence this week suggests its coming from him.

    There's not really sound, just vibration. Not aversive when up and about but when I'm in bed trying to sleep, not good. Not a good vibration, lol. I'm pretty tolerant of hums and that sort of thing. Hopefully I'll have a friend staying soon and they don't tolerate much at all and are not reserved, lol
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    No need reply if you don't know the answer....but if I hear the knock sound, is there any way I could check on the outside meters whether something like economy 7 has kicked in?

    It would identify which flat (from the meter) and whether the vibration is linked to that...I imagine the key I have would open all of the meters outside
  16. Dr Bodgit

    Dr Bodgit Well-Known Member

    Depends on the meter but you should be able to see something yes.
  17. Rache

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    Thanks Dr Bodgit, here's hoping, because if I'm sure, there's not a lot of stopping me with regards to taking action. I'm sure about the vibration, but I need to be sure where it's coming from.

    Last night it, the knock, happened at about 11.08, whereas it's usually 1.08 am precisely. I don't know whether it's been changed because here in the UK it's now autumn...no idea, but the knock happened, I pricked my ears because of the time, lol

    I was then woken at around 7.30 by vibration, a drag on a Sunday, when I got to bed at 2 - 3am. I expect that was the morning heat up. Then around 9ish, my neighbour's music started playing.

    Anyway I will check the meter tonight when it starts, and just before.
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  18. Dr Bodgit

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    What horrid circumstances, good luck.
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  19. Rache

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    So Monday nights seem particularly helpful in getting clear about this, especially now there is only one occupied flat.

    The 'knock' in the wall happened at 12.08 tonight, so I'm thinking the economy 7 thing has started to kick in an hour earlier for the autumn now....and within a few seconds I felt vibration.

    It could be the water heater downstairs, even though the place is empty, or it could be the man next door.

    It might even be both of them.

    I'll go down and see if anything is different on the meter for downstairs (the place is empty so should be fine), but I don't feel comfortable checking next door's meter while the place is occupied.
  20. Rache

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    I can't see anything different on the meter, but I wouldn't really know what to look for.

    There is a light next to something saying '1000 imp/kWh' whilst no light next to '100A'.......but that was the same during the day when I first had a look, yet no vibrations usually during the day.

    Definitely seems this vibration is due to water heaters now though, because of that noise that only happens at a certain time and the economy 7 times are around 23.30 and 06.30, but flexible on that according to the website.

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