I need help of soundproof panels.

Discussion in 'Eco Talk' started by Usama Ali, Jan 25, 2024.

  1. Usama Ali

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    "I'm exploring the possibility of soundproofing in our home. The party wall, though double-bricked, lacks a cavity. Even in moments of silence, neighboring conversations are audible. The TV volume often needs to be raised significantly to drown out their voices. Additionally, loud door slamming, particularly by children, resonates throughout our house. Despite impending neighbors' relocation, my concern is our susceptibility to noise. Considering a future extension, I'm unsure if soundproofing measures can truly alleviate these disturbances or if relocation is the only viable solution."
    My friend suggest me soundproof panels.
    anyone guide me about acoustic wall panels.
  2. Usama Ali

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    DBCDIY Screwfix Select

  4. RegB

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    If you have a brick-thick wall and are still getting problems them look for a sound path (air gap) between/perhaps even under the floor if it's a suspended one. You should not be able to hear voices easily through a 9" brick wall.
  5. Usama Ali

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    Acoustic Soundproofing Panels
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    I can tell you from experience that the main thing you need here is isolation to reduce the vibrations being passed on, followed by shifts in density and general high-density. If you make a secondary wall (if you have space), then try and make sure that there is nothing touching at all. I have done this for a wall that was made from that awful prefab waffle board and the results were amazing. I clad the original wall in accoustic pasterboard to beef up the density and then left a 5cm gap and then constructed a second stud wall filled with acoustic rockwool and then clad it again with accoustic plasterboard. There were no connection at all between the two walls. If you knock on the other side you hardly hear a thing.
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    First time I have ever seen an Ai bot lose the rag:)
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  8. RegB

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    I was going to tell it to use whatever it was suggesting and hop it, but there's no real point.
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