Ideal Boiler lockout due to blocked condensate trap

Discussion in 'Plumbers' Talk' started by confusing, Sep 4, 2008.

  1. confusing

    confusing New Member

    Hi can anyone help with this?

    this seem to affect Ideal HE range of boilers, the boiler suddenly stops working going to lockout fault code F-L.
    after removing trap about 4Lts of water comes from within the boiler.
    the trap is full of gray coloured sludge (some form of aluminium oxide presumably).
    with trap removed condensate pipe check for blockages but is clear.
    boiler cover removed and burner/ heat exchanger sump cleaned out.
    after cleaning the trap the boiler works ok for about 3 month before locking out again

    has anyone else experienced this fault?
  2. confusing

    confusing New Member

    has anyone found a way of sorting the problem?
  3. rome60

    rome60 New Member

    Few months ago saw an air pressure tool on a PTS counter for clearing condensate pipes.Having never had problems with blocked condensate pipes on boilers i was not really interested.
  4. siiwidestyle

    siiwidestyle New Member

    Probably the condensate pipe is too long and is air locking or worse is connected to a sink waste pipe for instance.
  5. devil's advocate

    devil's advocate New Member

    Have you asked Ideal?
  6. confusing

    confusing New Member

    Have spoken to Ideal they say that the pipework is wrong. but i've checked, it's only 1.5m long with a fall away from the boiler and terminates in the soil stack.

    the problem isn't the water from the comdensing boiler, that is running away fine, the problem is the grey sludge that is being produced and building up over time in the trap below the sump it plugs the trap and then the boiler fills with water and goes to lockout.

    this is the third boiler in my area that has this problem, each one is in a different location with different pipework layouts, but it is the trap that blocks up not the pipework.
  7. rome60

    rome60 New Member

    Are the other boilers with same problem Ideal.
  8. mully123

    mully123 New Member

    Its probably something to do with the combustion process,check it out with a flue gas analyser to see if the burner is set up correctly to manufacturers recommendations,could be a reaction between heat xchanger and condensed water?.

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